People Are Sharing The Actors Who Crushed Roles So Hard Nobody Else Will Ever Live Up To It

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There are a million roles out there and only so many actors who can perform them, which means some roles go to more than one person. Of course, there are those characters who were played to such perfection by the actors who brought them to life, and it's nearly impossible to imagine anyone else in the role. This is something that many are passionate about, so whether it's a method actor's performance or a character that seems tailor-made to a specific actor, people pay attention.

People tend to notice this sort of thing, and when they do, they like to point it out. Occasionally, this amounts to someone sharing how they feel about an actor or actress' role on Reddit, and other users love to pile on with their own opinions. These are the roles that were absolutely crushed by the actors who played them in TV and movies.