Graveyard Shift

People Whose Own Booby Traps Killed Them

Of all the ironic ways to die, being killed by one of your own booby traps has to be one of the most ridiculous ways to bite the dust. While everyone who has been killed by setting some kind of booby trap is different, people whose own booby traps killed them rest squarely in the center of a Venn diagram marked "creative" and "paranoid." In these stories about booby trap deaths, you’ll notice that the hapless victims were either afraid of someone breaking into their home, petrified someone would discover their drugs, or attempting to hide from enemies.

Some of the contraptions that you’ll read about in these stories of accidental deaths caused by booby traps resemble the traps in the Home Alone movies, but some of them are just straight-up bombs. Whatever the specifics, these stories are both horrific and darkly comic. Loss of human life is always terrible, but some of these deaths could have been easily avoided if the individuals in these stories would have simply relaxed.