Things We Were Surprised To Hear People Say About Vacations In 2022

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Vacations combine two of the most popular pastimes: traveling and complaining about traveling. We work hard so we can eventually take some time off and relax. When that time comes, what better way to take it easy than to embark on an arduous journey to an overcrowded destination that will inevitably fail to live up to our preconceived hype? 

Complaints and bad reviews exist for almost every famous place and tourist destination in the world, and many of them say more about the reviewer than the location. Here are some of the famous locales we were surprised to learn that people hated with a passion.

  • Avoid Times Square On New Year's Eve
    Photo: Nichole A. Hall / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    Avoid Times Square On New Year's Eve

    From Redditor u/roman_fyseek:

    Time Square on New Year's Eve.

    Just forget it. It has *never* been worth it.

    From Redditor u/Sawses:

    I remember a radio host I heard as a kid said the following: “The amazing thing about Time[s] Square on New Year's Eve isn't that you get tens of thousands of people there every year, it's that you get a whole different set of tens of thousands of people there each year. Nobody wants to do it twice, because it's cold and boring and crowded and filthy.”

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    Atlantic City Is Not Like You Imagine

    From Redditor u/mahouko08:

    Atlantic city. Monopoly got me good.

    From Redditor u/wurst_haus:

    I once went to a casino with a group of friends; none of them had ever been there, but I used to spend summers in Margate and was familiar with it. My friend wanted to buy booze at 9 or 10 pm, which required leaving the casino and walking a couple blocks to a liquor store. I advised against that plan but was outvoted and went with anyway. It's like Chester, Camden, and post-war Berlin all crammed into one tiny sh*tty city a block away from the casinos. 

    No one else would go into the store to buy booze; it was a bulletproof glass coffin where you pointed at what you wanted and it was given to you through an airlock, so I did it.

  • What's The Point Of Plymouth Rock, MA?
    Photo: NYC1887 / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0
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    What's The Point Of Plymouth Rock, MA?

    From Redditor u/BodybuilderOk3836:

    Plymouth Rock Massachusetts. Despite all the rage it's still just a rock in a cage.

    From Redditor u/alisoninwonderbread:

    Plymouth Rock! I don’t know how famous it really is outside of New England but it’s a rock that marks where the Pilgrims supposedly first landed in Massachusetts. It is quite literally just a medium-sized rock with “1620” carved in it, but every elementary school teacher around Massachusetts at least hypes it up for the class field trip to see a literal rock that is not big, impressive, or really historically relevant. Driving an hour on a bus to see this was the most anticlimactic thing and I would not particularly recommend.

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    Not So Perfect In Naples

    From Redditor u/mostlyemptyspace:

    Naples, Italy. It’s literally a pile of trash. Like, trash piled 3 feet along every road and sidewalk. It’s just a mountain of trash. We noped out of there immediately and went to Sorrento.

  • Skip Dubai
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    Skip Dubai

    From Redditor u/wric84:

    Came here to say Dubai. Decided to spend 10 days there while passing through. Had enough of it after 24 hours. Too many f$#&!&# malls. No culture.

    And Redditor u/mal1k7:

    Glad to see that folks here despise it. I lived and grew up there before being accepted by Canada. Never going back there. That country was built on the blood and souls of cheap labour from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

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    Wuhan Was Not Worth It

    From Redditor u/kjthehague:

    I moved to Wuhan in 2011 because I saw this beautiful university with a pristine lake. Turns out that the lake was really a trash dump, and the whole city was constantly under a veil of smog and construction. Can't say things have gotten better for old Wuhan in the last few years.