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19 People Describe Eerie Gut Feelings That Proved To Be Correct

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Following your instincts can, in some cases, literally save your life or the lives of those around you. In fact, trusting your intuition can be scientifically justified, meaning that you're not on edge, you're just evolved. These stories of people who trusted their intuition further prove gut feelings should never be entirely ignored; they may be a signal of the passing of a loved one or the signal that saves their life. 

Stories of people trusting their intuition, collected from Reddit users, demonstrate humanity's inexplicable talent for anticipating the future. The next time you get a creepy gut feeling, take some time to mull it over; you never know when it might save you from an object through a windshield or a predator in the bushes.

  • Their "Horror Movie" Instinct Saved Them

    From BecTec:

    "I dropped my blind mother off to unlock the front door, and I went to put the tandem away in the shed. I get to the back and the phrase 'Horror Movie' and adrenaline pump through my head. I froze for a second trying to figure out why I was so scared. My mom screams, the back door flies open, and this guy runs out.

    I don't know who he is and he looks unhinged, not like a robber, he just looks insane. Our eyes meet and he runs back inside. I hear his footsteps and I take off, but there is no way I can get around the house before he does. Thank god my mom had already started running. He chased us about half-a-block before we made it to a neighbor's house and called the police. They got there and couldn't find him. I knew he was still there, and I told mom. Right before they left, my mom asked a policeman that she happened to know (it's a small town) to look one more time. The guy was hiding under our swamp cooler. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before or after."

  • A Tree Fell Where He Had Just Been Sitting

    From RaisedByMonsters:

    "Probably too late to this party but I wanted to share my story. When I was 11 I saved up my allowance and wanted to buy a toy. My dad took my sister and I to the local toy store and I bought an awesome light saber. Got in the back seat of the car and we drove home. I should mention this was during a mild nor'easter storm in 1996, and the wind and rain were just starting to pick up.

    We pulled into the driveway and my dad and sister got out of the car and went in the house. I was so excited about my new toy that I had to open it in the car. So I did, and while I was admiring the glory of my new Jedi weapon, I felt the Force speak to me. All of a sudden I felt the overwhelming urge to get out of the car and go into the house. Like 'I have to go inside now.' So I did.

    I walked in the door, took off my shoes, and turned around to see one of the huge maple trees in my front yard fall over in a wind gust onto the back seat of the car where I was sitting not 30 seconds after I had the urge to go inside. I went out to look and there was a branch piercing the seat where I was sitting."

  • She Saw Her Dog In Danger

    From bizcat:

    "I let my dogs out on the balcony to lay out in the sun. After about five minutes, I had this visual cross my mind, of one of my dogs having a bad reaction to a bee sting (they had never been stung before). I opened the door to let them back in and one of my dog's entire face was swollen up like a balloon. She had eaten a bee and had a bad allergic reaction.

    She's fine now, but that sucked."

  • Grandma Kept Him From Hitting Her

    From Fittanto:

    "My grandma did once: This is back in the '80s I think

    So my grandma was vacuuming, and she had this terrible feeling that my aunt was in danger (my aunt was about five at the time). She was in the front yard playing in the driveway. My grandpa's friend was pulling out, and my aunt was right behind the car. Just before it happened my grandma screamed, and he stopped the car. Inches away from my aunt."