WATCH Three People We Wish Were Still Alive  

Rebecca High

This video tackles that age-old question of whom we wish was still with us. The legends taken "too soon," the stars that lived fast and faded early, the greats who gave us inimitable art or unmistakable innovation - which people would you resurrect?

But there are so many things to consider when you're narrowing down your choices regarding whom to bring back from the dead. Would you bring them back for personality? For cultural contribution? For selfish gain and personal profit?

A long list of potential resurrections would no doubt include members of the 27 Club, philanthropists and figureheads, and Princess Diana, obviously. But when you take a public poll, who rises to the top?

Watch this video to find out! The results are based on the votes of thousands of people. Do you agree with these top three? Who'd be your top pick?