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13 People Who Escaped Death Then Died Immediately After

The Final Destination films have exposed audiences to bizarre accidents that could happen to anyone. Although the movie version is over-the-top, freak accidents are a lot more common than one might think. There are many instances in which people survived near-death experiences - only to perish in an equally unlikely incident shortly thereafter. 

These 13 stories depict people who have evaded natural disasters, insect attacks, mid-air malfunctioning, mass shooters, car crashes, fires, terrorism, and drowning - only to later fell to unexpected circumstances, and in one instance, an orange peel. 

  • Soldier Escapes Swarm of Wasps And Runs Into Traffic

    Photo: Minnesota National Guard / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    In October 2016, Austin McGeough, a 21-year-old soldier stationed at Fort Campbell on the Tennessee-Kentucky border, was on his way back to base after attending a party. Reportedly, he was disoriented and tried to break into a nursery. While attempting to do so, he struck a wasp’s nest.

    Toxicology reports indicated McGeough was intoxicated. In an attempt to evade the wasps, he inadvertently ran onto Highway 41-A, where an oncoming vehicle fatally hit him. 

  • Man Almost Drives Off Cliff, Then Gets Hit by Bus

    In April 2013, an unnamed California driver lost control of his SUV on the windy Malibu Canyon Road. The man crashed onto the mountainside's ledge and was able to jump out of the vehicle onto the road. He barely managed to escape plummeting off a cliff - a fatal fall.

    Moments after abandoning the car, an oncoming tour bus struck the man. 

  • Teen Survives Plane Crash But Gets Run Over By First Responders

    Photo: torbakhopper / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    On July 6, 2013, 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan survived the plane crash of flight Asiana 214 at the San Francisco Airport. She laid down 30 feet from the crash site. Injured and waiting for help, Ye Meng remained curled up in a ball. 

    When first responders arrived, a fire truck didn’t see the teen and ran her over. City officials cited the chaos of the wreckage as the main factor, but Ye Meng's family sued the city for negligence.

  • Woman Who Escaped Mall Shooting Dies In Aurora Massacre

    Jessica Redfield was an up-and-coming sports broadcaster from Denver, CO. In 2012, she died at the hands of the Aurora shooter, who entered a midnight screening of The Dark Knight and opened fired on the audience. 

    Before Redfield was a victim of the Aurora theater shooting, she had survived an attack at a mall in Toronto only a month prior. Redfield managed to sneak out of the Eaton Centre when the gunman started shooting.