Filmmakers and Actors Who Apologized for Their Movies

Considering how many movies get made across the globe each year, there are surprisingly few directors, actors, and screenwriters willing to publicly apologize for putting out poor quality films. Of the rare directors who apologized for their films in recent years, some blame studio meddling (Josh Trank and Fantastic Four) while others just don't seem to get the hate (Joel Schumacher and Batman & Robin). Actors who apologized for their movies range from Shia LaBeouf to Tim Roth, who said he did United Passions to help put his kids through college.

Writers who apologized for movies are a lot easier to come by, considering how easy it is for scripts to get re-worked. But not every writer is a victim of studio interference: Dragonball Evolution scribe Ben Ramsey admitted recently that he wasn't even a fan of the material and was simply "chasing after a big payday." 

Here's a look at films the director regretted making, writers who felt that their original vision was robbed, and actors embarrassed by their lackluster performances.