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People Reveal The Moment They Decided To Believe In Ghosts

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There are some people who believe in the paranormal despite never having had any spooky experiences themselves. Other people are on the fence and don't truly believe until they experience an unexplainable fright. On Reddit, people are sharing the ghostly encounters that led them to be true believers. 

Photo: Crimson Peak / Universal Pictures

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    They Caught A Glimpse Of Previous Occupant

    From Reddit u/coldfishandfeet:

    My first home up north had such an eerie vibe. I would always shudder and feel extremely uneasy walking up the stairs. My bathroom was at the top of the stairs, and I remember one morning in broad daylight after I dropped my kids to school, I saw what appeared to be my boyfriend at the time in the bathroom doorway facing in, wearing his usual attire, a black tracksuit. He kind of side-stepped behind the door. There was a mirror behind it, so I thought nothing of it... until I walked a few steps past the bathroom door across the landing, into my bedroom. There was my ex-boyfriend still fast asleep wearing a blue T-shirt. I shook him awake saying I had just seen him. We checked behind the bathroom door, as I was in absolute panic I had an intruder in my home. The bathroom had a slit of a window, and it was impossible to get out.

    When I got friendlier with the neighbours, they told me that the house had been left empty for a couple of years. Because of a couple of deaths in there and no locals wanted to rent it, the previous owner literally drank herself to death in the back bedroom after her husband died. Their son, who was on drugs and deeply troubled, hung himself on the top of the stairs within a few weeks. He was apparently the same height, colouring, and aesthetic as my ex-boyfriend. No matter what he was doing, he also wore a black tracksuit like him, too.

    He just didn't look at all ghost like in any sense. More like an actual human intruder who just disappeared.

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    They Were The Only One That Could See The Mime

    From Reddit u/Avocado90266:

    It happened to me when I was visiting friends in another state.

    They took me to see their friend's bar/gaming hall (a place for food, drink, and board games, etc. - not gambling). The building was at least 100 years old.

    The owner took us to see that he had renovated a back room so he could expand the business. It was a large room with fresh paint, wallpaper, and carpet. We all stood just inside the door of this room, talking.

    A young man (no older than 25) came in behind me, dressed in a mime outfit.

    It made me think of the 1970s. I thought he worked for the bar/gaming hall. My back was actually close to the wall, so when the young man tried to squeeze behind me (I thought he was trying to avoid interrupting our conversation), I stepped forward, looking back over my shoulder. I said, "Oh, excuse me!"

    My friend looked at me and said, "What?"

    There was no one behind me. I did not tell anyone about it.

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    Every Faucet In The House Turned On At The Same Time

    From Reddit u/cloudbaby69:

    My single mom and I lived in a house when I was a teen that used to belong to an older couple who had passed away. My friends and I went in the attic to smoke weed or something and found a bunch of the couple’s old sheet music and instruments. We got spooked a bit later and climbed down.

    From that point on, it was truly like a movie - doors opened and closed themselves, there were weird freezing cold rooms, just a strange “feeling". My mom had recurring dreams of a large, black dog sleeping by her bed. She wouldn’t elaborate, but eventually the dreams became so terrifying she wouldn’t sleep in her bedroom anymore. The dreams stopped when she started sleeping on the couch.

    One day, my mom and I were on the couch, talking about the weird occurrences in the house. At that moment, I sh*t y’all not, every faucet in the house turned on at once in the kitchen and both bathrooms. We walked around and turned them off. All the sink levers were physically raised for the tap to turn on - my mom asked her plumber friend about this, and he couldn’t come up with a reason it had happened.

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    They Saw A Ghostly Arm Opening The Bedroom Door

    From Reddit u/ForshevaOlesya:

    I do believe in ghosts because I truly believe that I had seen one once:

    One night I was woken up at around 1 am by a ghostly pale arm and hand slowly pushing open my squeaky bedroom door. The hand was quite high off the ground which was odd because my husband wasn't home and the only other person in the house was my two-year-old son. I called out to my son but there was no answer.

    I got out the bed and left my room only to see that there was no one in the hallway. I switched on the hallway light and noticed smoke coming from my son's room at the other end of the hallway. I rushed over to his room and saw that he was fast asleep and still neatly tucked in under his blankets. His bed lamp was on as usual, and his bedroom window curtain had somehow ended up inside the bed lamp -which was open at the top - and the curtain had begun to smolder, which was responsible for the smoke. It looked like it was about to catch fire at any moment. I removed the curtain from the bed lamp and potentially saved our home from burning down and my son from getting killed.

    I still don't know whose hand that was that opened my bedroom door. I like to think that it was a guardian angel or a ghost. I told my pastor about this experience, and he warned me that it could be an evil spirit trying to trick me into trusting it.

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    They Could Smell Cigar Smoke And Hear Someone Coughing In Empty Room

    From Reddit u/JamiSings:

    I believe in them because I've seen them.

    In the house I grew up in, the former owner had shot himself in the shower after the death of his father who he had spent his entire adult life caring for.

    I could be standing in the kitchen and suddenly, there would be a disembodied jean-clad leg wearing a black work boot standing by itself in the middle of the floor. Walking down the hall to my room and there'd be a white figure in the shape of a tall man just standing there. Once walked out into the living room in the middle of the night after going to the bathroom to see a black skull with red, glowing eyes and a big smile floating by the TV. (Old-fashioned cabinet-style TV, by the way. This was the early- to mid-1980s.)

    No one in our house smoked, yet sometimes from the bathroom where the man shot himself you could smell cigar smoke and hear someone coughing a smoker's cough, even when that bathroom was empty. Sometimes the shower door would open and close rapidly until Mom got sick of it one day and shouted, "KNOCK THAT OFF!" and it stopped from that day forth. An unplugged clock radio - that had no place for batteries - suddenly turned itself on and played music for a couple of minutes.

    There was also a little, faceless Native American girl that almost everyone in our neighborhood had seen. She liked to peek around corners at people and put her hands up to where her mouth would be as if smothering laughter. You could see everything pretty clearly - her black, braided hair, her hands - but she had no face.

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    They Saw A Screaming Female Apparition 

    From Reddit u/avatarofgerad:

    I had some incidents at my old house here in Japan that turned me into a believer. It's a bit long, so I'll give a very short summary for now.

    Footsteps upstairs woke me up once. Another time, the front door slammed shut at night and woke me up, I rolled out of bed to confront whoever it was and came face-to-face with a female apparition that screamed at me. I had all my electronics cut out at the same time, and then my backpack started moving across the floor. I came home to my organized shoes being scattered everywhere. There were a lot of times I came home to random doors being locked from the inside, primarily my downstairs bathroom.

    Eventually moved and haven't had anything since then.

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