10 Murderers Who Confessed On Facebook Before The Cops Even Knew About The Crime

Social media over-sharers are a common complaint. Facebook is a medium where people spill their guts, sometimes without enough discretion. While detailed status updates about breakups can be annoying, killers who confessed on social media give new meaning to the term "TMI." It's hard to believe, but some people use Facebook as a platform to announce heinous crimes.

These stories are all incredibly unsettling. There are the killers who bragged on Facebook, taking pride in their act. Then there are the killers who confessed on Facebook with a tone of deep remorse. Regardless of the motivations behind their status updates, there is something undeniably chilling about taking a life and proceeding to use your Facebook page to announce this to the world. 

  • A Man Murdered His Family Over His Daughter's Migraines

    A Man Murdered His Family Over His Daughter's Migraines
    Photo: Randy Janzen / via Facebook

    In a bizarre tragedy, Randy Janzen took to social media in May of 2015 to post an unnerving status update about his actions ten days prior. He claimed his daughter suffered debilitating migraines. As a result, he felt he had no choice but to murder his daughter as well as his wife and sister (to spare them pain and shame over his actions).

    In a lengthy post, he described the psychological suffering his daughter's migraines caused. Janzen seemed almost relieved at his actions. "I took a gun and shot her in the head and now she is migraine free and floating in the clouds on a sunny afternoon," he wrote, "her long beautiful brown hair flowing in the breeze, a true angel."

    When police arrived on scene, a four-hour standoff ensued. They saw a man matching Janzen's description in the window and shortly thereafter the house was engulfed in flames. The inferno was so intense, it took three days before for it to be safe to reenter the home. Upon searching the ruins, Janzen's charred body was found. Forensic reports indicated he had shot himself after starting the fire. 

  • A Woman Posted A Video Confession To Her Roommate's Murder

    A Woman Posted A Video Confession To Her Roommate's Murder
    Photo: Rosemarie Farid / via Facebook

    When Rosemarie Farid's roommate got too noisy for her liking, she began posting violent status updates about her desire to harm him. Later that same day, Farid (who describes herself as mentally disturbed) uploaded a bizarre video to Facebook in which she confessed to having brutally beaten her roommate to death by repeatedly bashing his head onto the bathroom floor. The 2014 video was taken while she was walking outdoors, and at one point she paused to greet a passerby with the words, "How ya doing, man? God bless your family." 

    Police officers found Farid's roommate in a pool of blood in the bathtub. There were bloody washcloths in the kitchen sink and a trail of blood led to the bathroom. Farid confessed she took her roommate's phone before killing him so he could not contact authorities. She was arrested the next day and charged with murder. 

  • A Man Posted A Picture Of His Daughter's Dead Body On Facebook

    When his estranged wife cut off Facebook contact with him, Mark Alvin Manliclic was desperate to get her attention. His wife had left the Philippines for Canada for a job, an action she allegedly took out of fear of her own life. As revenge, Manliclic brutally stabbed their daughter to death and posted the images of her body online. Some witnesses claim he also posted a video of the murder, which was later taken down. 

    Manliclic's aunt found the seven-year-old girl's body and police found stab wounds in her neck, abdomen, and back. While the murder is an unbelievable tragedy, at least justice was served. Manliclic was swiftly taken into custody. 

  • A Florida Man Posted Pictures Of His Slain Wife Online

    After fatally shooting his wife several times, Florida man Derek Medina uploaded images of her corpse to Facebook. He claimed the murder was in self-defense, but he still expected to go to prison. The jury did not buy his self-defense claim, however, and the judge overseeing the case was quick to point out Medina foretold his own fate in the post. 

    While Medina claimed his wife was abusive, the prosecution countered this with testimony from his wife's friends. Medina also gave conflicting reports on what occurred and his wife's wounds did not match his story. When he was sentenced to life in prison, he gave a rambling statement to the court claiming he did not get a fair trial. 

  • A Daughter Celebrated Her Mom's Murder On Facebook

    A Daughter Celebrated Her Mom's Murder On Facebook
    Photo: Waukesha County, Wisconsin Police Department

    When Gypsy Blanchard posted a bizarre Facebook message reading, "That b**** is dead," police decided to search her home. They were shocked to discover the body of Gypsy's mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, who had been stabbed to death in her bed. Neighbors did not believe Gypsy had committed the crime, as Gypsy was allegedly wheelchair bound. However, police soon found Gypsy and her mother had been faking her disability to gain financial assistance from the government. 

    The story gets stranger from there. It soon came out that Gypsy did not act alone. She conspired with boyfriend Nicholas Paul Godejohn, whom she met on a Christian dating site. Godejohn confessed to having stabbed Dee Dee to death on orders from Gypsy and the pair were promptly charged with first degree murder. 

  • A Jealous Woman Stabbed Her Boyfriend, Then Confessed Online

    A Jealous Woman Stabbed Her Boyfriend, Then Confessed Online
    Photo: Henryetta, Oklahoma Police Department

    When Samantha Stansifer broke up with her boyfriend Anthony Hall, he let her stay with him for two weeks while she worked out her living situation. This turned out to be a deadly mistake. When Stansifer was going through Hall's phone, she found he had been texting another girl. Her reaction was to brutally stab him to death in his sleep and then post on Facebook, "I did it. He deserved it." 

    Stansifer, who was covered in Hall's blood when she was arrested, apparently showed no remorse and was unfazed as she recounted her story. The only solace is that a judge and jury showed Stansifer little empathy in return. She was sentenced to life in prison without parole in June of 2015.