Graveyard Shift People Who Died at Funerals  

Katherine Ripley
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As if going to a funeral didn't already put a damper on your mood, the people on this list actually died at funerals, died while they were on their way to funerals, or died leaving funerals. All of these stories are ironic. Some are hilarious, and some are incredibly sad.

Most of these people who died at funerals had no idea what was coming, and we have no way of knowing whether they would have appreciated the irony of their deaths (thought the family members of one victim say he definitely would have). One thing is for certain: no one will ever forget how any of these folks died. 
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Shock-Induced Heart Attack

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In 2011, a Russian woman actually woke up at her own funeral, but the shock of realizing that she had been declared dead caused her to have a heart attack and actually die. Talk about irony.
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A Two-For-One Deal

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Norm Hendrickson, 94, got a ride to his wife's funeral in a limousine, but when the limo pulled up at the funeral home, Hendrickson was unresponsive. Because he had a "do not resuscitate" order, no one attempted to revive him. His adult daughters put him in his own casket, and put a sign outside the funeral home that said, "Surprise! It's a double header!" Everyone who knew Hendrickson said he definitely would have appreciated the joke.
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Widower Dies of Pneumonia

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Bill Cameron, 81, really wanted to make it to his wife's funeral, but because he was suffering from pneumonia, he had to go to the hospital and watch a recording of the funeral service later. Two hours after he watched the video, he passed away. 
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Suicide by Funeral

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Photo:  Wikimedia Commons
A 65-year-old woman named Dahwa Devi jumped into her husband's funeral pyre at his last rites ceremony in Bihar, India. A funeral pyre is a wooden structure used to cremate a body out in the open. Devi jumped in when the fire was burning strong. The family performed the last rites for the both the husband and the wife.