80s People Who Disappeared Mysteriously in 1980s

Alby Thompson
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Mysterious Disappearances of the 1980s. People who have gone missing and never returned. These unexplained disappearances often remain a mystery forever. The stories behind these 15 mysterious disappearances, are all very different, but they are all equally tragic, and interesting.

Azaria Chamberlain Disappeared in 1980

Louise Faulkner Disappeared in 1980

Charmian Faulkner Disappeared in 1980

Johnny Gosch age 48 - Disappeared in 1982

Emanuela Orlandi Disappeared in 1983

Kirsa Jensen case Disappeared while riding her horse to a beach near Napier, New Zealandin 1983.

Tammy Lynn Leppert age 53 - Disappeared in 1983

Kevin Andrew Collins age 44 - Disappeared in 1984

Edward L. Montoro age 90 - Disappeared in 1984

Boris Weisfeiler Disappeared in 1985

Vladimir Alexandrov Disappeared while attending a nuclear winter conference in Madrid in 1985.

Christopher Dale Flannery Died at 37 (1948-1985) - Disappeared in 1985

Suzy Lamplugh Disappeared from Fulham, west London in 1986.

Maja Vojvoda Disappeared in 1986

Jacob Wetterling age 40 - Disappeared in 1989