80s People Who Disappeared Mysteriously in 1980s

Alby Thompson
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Mysterious Disappearances of the 1980s. People who have gone missing and never returned. These unexplained disappearances often remain a mystery forever. The stories behind these 15 mysterious disappearances, are all very different, but they are all equally tragic, and interesting.

Azaria Chamberlain Disappeared in 1980

Louise Faulkner Disappeared in 1980

Charmian Faulkner Disappeared in 1980

Johnny Gosch age 48 Disappeared in 1982 John David "Johnny" Gosch was a 12-year-old paperboy in West Des Moines, Iowa, when he disappeared on September 5, 1982 and was presumed kidnapped. His mother, Noreen Gosch, maintains ...more

Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi Disappeared in 1983 Emanuela Orlandi was a citizen of Vatican City who mysteriously disappeared on 22 June 1983. Sightings of Emanuela in various places have been reported over the years, even inside Vatican City, ...more

Kirsa Jensen case Disappeared while riding her horse to a beach near Napier, New Zealandin 1983. Kirsa Jensen was a 14-year-old girl who lived in Napier, New Zealand when she disappeared on September 1, 1983, while riding her horse, Commodore. She never returned home that night and has ...more

Tammy Lynn Leppert age 53 Disappeared in 1983 Tammy Lynn Leppert is an American former child and teen model, actress and beauty queen who has been missing since July 6, 1983, vanishing at the age of 18.

Kevin Andrew Collins age 44 Disappeared in 1984 Kevin Andrew Collins gained national attention as one of the first missing children to appear on milk cartons and on the cover of national publications, such as Newsweek magazine in 1984. His ...more

Edward L. Montoro age 90 Disappeared in 1984 Edward L. Montoro was an American film producer and distributor known for releasing exploitation films and B-movies during the 1970s and 1980s through his company Film Ventures International. ...more

Boris Weisfeiler Disappeared in 1985 Boris Weisfeiler is a Russian-born mathematician who lived in the United States before going missing in Chile in 1985, aged 43. The Chilean military dictatorship claimed that he drowned, but his ...more

Vladimir Alexandrov Disappeared while attending a nuclear winter conference in Madrid in 1985.

Christopher Dale Flannery Died at 37 (1948-1985) Disappeared in 1985 Christopher Dale Flannery, aka Mr. Rent-A-Kill is alleged to have been an Australian hitman. Flannery was born in Brunswick, Victoria.

Disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh Disappeared from Fulham, west London in 1986. Susannah "Suzy" Lamplugh was a British estate agent reported missing on 28 July 1986 in Fulham, southwest London, England. She was officially declared dead, presumed murdered, in 1994. ...more

Maja Vojvoda Disappeared in 1986

Jacob Wetterling age 40 Disappeared in 1989 Jacob Erwin Wetterling is a boy from St. Joseph, Minnesota, who was kidnapped from his hometown at the age of 11 on Sunday, October 22, 1989. His whereabouts are unknown.