People Who Disappeared Mysteriously in 1980s

Alby Thompson
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Mysterious Disappearances of the 1980s. People who have gone missing and never returned. These unexplained disappearances often remain a mystery forever. The stories behind these 15 mysterious disappearances, are all very different, but they are all equally tragic, and interesting.

Azaria Chamberlain
Disappeared in 1980
Louise Faulkner
Disappeared in 1980
Charmian Faulkner
Disappeared in 1980
age 49
Disappeared in 1982
Disappeared in 1983
Disappeared while riding her horse to a beach near Napier, New Zealandin 1983.
age 54
Disappeared in 1983
age 45
Disappeared in 1984
age 91
Disappeared in 1984
Disappeared in 1985
Vladimir Alexandrov
Disappeared while attending a nuclear winter conference in Madrid in 1985.
Dec. at 37 (1948-1985)
Disappeared in 1985
Disappeared from Fulham, west London in 1986.
Maja Vojvoda
Disappeared in 1986
age 41
Disappeared in 1989