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10 Incredibly Strange Disappearances

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We like to think that if we're always prepared, travel in groups, and walk with both eyes open, we'll be safe from any potential dangers. But then Stranger Things went and made us all terrified of the possibility that we could disappear into the Upside-Down at any moment. No amount of preparation can keep you safe from being snatched into another dimension. So, to make you even more terrified, here's a list of real-life people who disappeared into another dimension - or at least, it seems very likely that they did.

These are people who disappeared and left no trace. They vanished in an instant, vanished from inside a building, or vanished and appeared to be calling out for help, although no one could find them. Clearly, the most logical explanation is they were taken to the upside-down.

If you don't think that's possible, see if you can come up with another explanation for these mysterious disappearances. Good luck, because these are some truly befuddling cases.

  • Thelma Pauline Melton

    Thelma Pauline Melton was a 58-year-old woman who disappeared while hiking with two of her friends in September 1981. The three friends were hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains on an easy trail that Melton was very familiar with.

    Melton was walking a bit ahead of her companions, so she was the first to round an upcoming bend. When the friends rounded that same bend, they found that Melton had vanished. Melton suffered from high blood pressure, so the possibility that she could have suddenly sprinted off is unlikely.

    No trace of Melton was ever found.

  • Prabhdeep Srawn

    Prabhdeep Srawn is a Canadian military reservist who disappeared on a hiking trip in Australia in May 2013. Srawn parked his rented camper and set off on the Main Range Walk in Kosciuszko National Park. A staff member called the police when he noticed that the vehicle hadn't moved for almost a week, though it only had a 24-hour parking pass on it.

    The bizarre part of this case is that two park rangers heard a voice that sounded like a cry for help coming from the area Srawn disappeared from. Despite this information, searchers couldn't locate Srawn, and the origin of the voice remains unknown. 

  • Elizabeth O'Pray

    Photo: New South Wales Police Department / Fair Use

    Elizabeth O'Pray is a 77-year-old woman who lives in the Blue Mountains area of Australia and went missing in March 2016.

    O'Pray was walking on one of the trails in the Blue Mountains when she got lost. One day after her family reported her missing, rescuers were actually able to get a hold of her on her mobile phone, at which time she said she was okay but had no idea where she was. A few days later, both residents in the area and police heard screams for help, but still the searchers were unable to locate her.

    To this day, Elizabeth O'Pray has not been found. At the time she disappeared, she was apparently taking stroke medication, which can cause confusion and may explain why she got lost. But that doesn't explain how searchers were unable to locate her after speaking to her on the phone and hearing her cries for help. 

  • Martha Wright

    Photo: Associated Press / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Martha Wright disappeared in 1975 when she and her husband Jackson were driving from New Jersey to New York. When they were driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, the couple had to pull over because there was a lot of condensation on their car windows. Martha wiped off the back windshield while Jackson took the front. When Jackson had cleared the windshield, he looked up to find that his wife was gone.

    There's nowhere that a person could have run to in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel, and it's highly unlikely that someone in another car would have been able to pull over and snatch Wright without her husband noticing. It seems as though she just vanished from the spot where she was standing.

    Since there were no other witnesses, there is the possibility that Jackson Wright took his wife's life and made up the story about the tunnel to explain her disappearance. But if you wanted to cover up the slaying of your own wife, why would you tell such an implausible story?