People Reveal Times They Got Uncomfortably Close To Killers

Television shows like Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds aren't always entirely fictional. In fact, many of the killers and sociopaths on those shows have been based on real people. Sometimes those people fly completely under the radar, though. They don't raise any red flags; they never bother the neighbors; and they tend to blend in quite completely. It's all the more surprising, then, when people realize their own connections to certain murderers. The friendly guy you carpooled with could easily be a deranged murderer.

Many Reddit users had extensive interactions with killers. They didn't usually realize it until months and years later, though, making the situation even more frightening. What if they had made one mistake and triggered the killer's violent tendencies? 

What if your next-door neighbor is actually a murderer in disguise? 

  • He Partied With The Man Who Cooked His Girlfriend

    Redditor fittic:

    Zackery Bowen delivered produce to me in the kitchen of the bar I worked at in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The woman he killed and cooked served me drinks at the Spotted Cat probably twice a week after Katrina. Before he jumped off of the roof of the Omni Royal Hotel he blew all of his savings on a massive cocaine fueled party that I barely remember. He might not be notorious anywhere except New Orleans, but this was a f*cking gruesome crime that won't soon be forgotten here.”

  • He Held The Door Open For A Cannibal

    Redditor RichMilk:

    “My friend got a chemical burn at work and went to the hospital. While he was there he held the door open for an Asian man covered in blood being escorted by the police. The next morning he read about the Tim McLean beheading on that bus outside the town we live in. So he figures he held the door open for Vince Li hours after he just killed and partially ate a guy.”

  • She Let A Drug-Addicted Killer Crash In Her House

    Redditor kidtendomom:

    “My best friend from high school was down on her luck. She had cheated on her husband with Mark Maylund. Because of the affair she lost her kid and needed a place to stay. I invited her and the new boyfriend to stay with me. I found out they were on crack and kicked them out. A few weeks later he beat his dealer to death and hid him in the crawl space under the house they were staying at. She later told me that he did it while she was in the house and could hear the guy moaning under the house while he died. Sooooo glad that sh*t is out of my life.”

  • They Lived In The Same Apartment Complex As Two Serial Killers

    Redditor theghostofme:

    “Back in 2006, the Phoenix area was being rocked by two men driving around and shooting random people on the streets. While the Serial Shooters were out wreaking havoc, a serial rapist was also on the prowl, so needless to say, 2006 was kind of a strange time to be living in the area.

    Anyway, in the early summer of '06, two friends of mine from high school moved into an apartment complex about a mile from where I lived, and a lot of us would get together there to party and swim. Both of theses friends were girls in their early 20s who mentioned a few times how they had these two "creeper neighbors" who always gave them a bad vibe. However, this wasn't exactly the best of neighborhoods, so none of us were really shocked to hear this.

    Well the summer went on, and the Serial Shooters' attacks continued. Once they started making their way towards the East Valley, my friends and I opted to stay indoors most nights, as a lot of people did. Unfortunately, another friend of ours from high school, Robin Blasnek, was walking over to her boyfriend's house and wound up being the last victim of the Shooters. She was shot about a mile from where I was living at the time.

    Four days later, I was heading back to my friends' apartment when I noticed a massive amount of police cars and news vans in the front of the complex. The Serial Shooters, Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman, were living in the same complex as my two friends, and were the very "creeper neighbors" they were describing. We spent most of the summer only about 50 yards from their front door, drinking beers and loudly discussing what the possible motivations a person could have for wanting to go around and shooting people at random.

    Seeing them getting hauled away in handcuffs in the same area as where we spent a lot of time berating them was f*cking surreal.”

  • They Had A Class With The Virginia Tech Shooter

    Redditor Cephalophore:

    “I went to Virginia Tech and had class with Seung-Hui Cho. On the first day he introduced himself as "Question Mark from Planet X". He didn't speak the rest of the year. When the professor asked him to read a passage aloud, he walked out and didn't come back for a few days. He started stalking one of the girls in the class until she called the police. This was about a year before the massacre.”

  • She Used To Get Car Rides From A Killer

    Redditor ragnarockette:

    “When I was 15, I was cast in a musical about an hour away from my hometown. My mom didn't want to drive me, but a couple people in the musical could see how important it was to young, teenage, I'm-going-to-be-an-actress me, so they offered to drive me to and from the daily rehearsals all summer.

    I spent hours with this one guy. He was normal, nice enough, constantly hit on me, but whatever.

    Last year he was all over the local news for sexually assaulting his neighbor, and then chopping her and her boyfriend up and burying their bodies in a local park.

    The weirdest part was only two or three days before the murders I ran into him at a bar. We exchanged numbers and planned to hang out in the near future.

    Dodged that bullet.”