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Ashley Reign
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Here you’ll find a collection of hilarious face swap tattoos that show you everything that can go wrong while getting someone's face tattooed onto your body. And what can go wrong is exactly that. Everything. From awful looking skin texture, to horrible tattoo teeth, and monstrously misshapen tattoo heads, these are funny tattoos swapping face with either their owners or the people they were based on.

Considering getting a hyper-realistic portrait of your kids or another family member? Get ready to see some hilariously terrifying examples of exactly why you should take your time when it comes to shopping around for a tattoo artist. Or perhaps you’re out to increase your overall manliness by getting the face of a terrifying animal inked onto your arm? You too are about to see all of the ways that a bad tattoo artist can produce artwork of such creatures that’s terrifying for all the wrong reasons.

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People Who Face Swapped with Face Tattoos