20 People Who Fell Off The Sides Of Cruise Ships

A cruise is supposed to be a time to relax and have fun, but for the people on this list, a fun time quickly turned into a horrifying one. All of these people fell off cruise ships, one way or another (many accounts are shaky or light on the details). Some of them survived; some didn't. Some were never found.

Falling off a cruise ship is a terrifying experience because you can fall as many as 100 feet into the water. If you survive the fall, you have to hope that someone realizes you're gone right away and tells the ship to come back for you. If it happens at night, you'll be waiting to be rescued while it's pitch black – if you get rescued at all.

These cruise ship stories – as well as tales of people who disappeared from cruise ships without a trace –might make you think twice about going on a cruise for your next spring break.