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16 People Who Went Toe-to-Toe with Wild Animals (and Won)

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The many fascinating species of wild animals are what makes nature so awesome - until they go crazy and attack. And while these often ferocious beasts pose a threat to humans, some people seem to rise above and go toe-to-toe with these wild creatures. What's even crazier are stories of people who fought against wild animals and won. 

When faced with claws, teeth, or the possibility of being trampled, these people got away from wild animals and escaped death. 

  • Canadian Punches Cougar Outside Coffee Shop To Save His Dog

    Photo: National Park Service / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    A man from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada saved his dog from a cougar outside a Tim Hortons coffee shop by punching it in the face. The man was stopped outside the restaurant to meet a friend for coffee when a cougar emerged from the woods and attacked his dog Sasha.  He went running, punched the large cat, and ran it off back into the woods.

    While the dog sustained serious injuries, Sasha lived to tell the tale. 

    "I was surprised to hear that the owner took the quick action and it's probably what saved the dog's life in this case," Sgt. Jack Poitras told the CBC. "I wouldn't recommend everybody wrassle with a cougar, but in this case it worked for the best." 

  • Farmer Bites A Python Slowly Strangling Him

    In what feels like a movie plot come to life,  one man survived being killed by a giant python by biting it on the tail. 

    In April 2009, Ben Nyaumbe, a manager of a farm in Kenya, was at work one day when he accidentally stepped on a 13-foot python that proceeded to wrap around him and drag him up a tree. Large snakes are known to slowly suffocate their prey to ready it for digestion. 

    Unable to free himself, and not wanting to be crushed to death by the powerful snake, Nyuambe calmly waited nearly three hours until the snake’s tail was close enough to his face and bit down

    The snake loosened its grip, which was all Nyuambe needed to reach into his pocket for his cell phone. He called for help and the police arrived shortly afterwards.

    After Nyuambe was freed the python was put into a bag, though it later escaped. It wasn’t seen again. 

  • Man Stabs A Shark In The Eye

    In 2007, off the coast of Cape Howe, Australia, Eric Nerhus was diving for abalone with his friends and son when a great white shark attacked and partially swallowed him head first.

    Nerhus began stabbing the 10-foot shark in the eye with his abalone knife. With a few quick jabs straight to the eyeball, the shark let Nerhus go. He swam to the surface where his friends and son hauled him into a boat. 

    Nerhus suffered serious bite marks, but was protected by his diver’s weight belt. The shark's bite managed to crush his face mask, break his nose and left deep cuts on both sides of his torso and left arm. Despite that, he has since made a full recovery. 

  • A Pennsylvania Couple Tussles With A Bear Inside Their House

    Most dramatic animal encounters take place in the wild. For Richard and Angela Moyer of Oliver Township, Pennsylvania, it happened inside their own house

    In October 2011, the Moyer’s dog, Brindy, was let outside to pee. She was chased back into the house by a bear, who also walked inside. Richard, who was getting ready for work, was attacked by the bear in his living room. The yelling and growling woke up Richard’s wife, Angela, who began shouting at the bear to distract it from mauling Richard. The bear turned on her and bit her several times. Richard came to his wife’s aid and distracted the bear towards himself, once again. 

    Suddenly, according to the Moyers, the bear just stopped attacking, left the house, and eventually took off into the woods. 

    The police and paramedics were called to the scene. Both Richard and Angela suffered serious injuries, but spent less than a day in the hospital. In the end, the couple, Brindy, and their son - who slept through the entire event - were fine.