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Nine Stories Of People Who Gave Their Lives For Their Cell Phones

Cell phones have become such an integral part of a person's life: They contain all of your photos, important emails, financial information, personal messages, and more. So it's understandable that some people start to see their cell phones almost as a lifeline.

As people become increasingly attached to their phones, phone-related accidents and deaths are also on the rise. A majority of accidents are from people who were too busy texting or trying to get the perfect selfie near dangerous locations. And what's worse are the lives lost by people putting themselves at risk to save their phones.

All of these accidents were easily avoidable, and most weren't worth it. Here are stories of people who died trying to retrieve their cell phones.

  • Man Perishes After Falling Into Icy River For Phone

    A 26-year-old Minnesota man dropped his cell phone into the Chicago River in 2014. As he held onto a railing trying to get it back, he lost his balance and fell into the icy waters. His friends jumped in after him, and the situation worsened from there.

    The man who dropped his cell phone perished in the hospital, while his girlfriend disappeared in the cold water where she presumably drowned. His friends were all rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

  • Man Crushed By Trash Compactor

    In 2013, an Illinois man dropped his cell phone in his apartment's trash chute. Roger Mirro reportedly went to recover his phone in the trash room and never returned.

    After he hadn't returned in over three hours, his wife reported him missing. When police investigated the trash room, they discovered his crushed body inside the trash compactor.

  • Woman Perishes After Running Back Into Burning Home For Phone

    A woman's home was in flames when she and her family safely made it outside. However, after realizing her phone was still inside, she went back in to rescue it.

    The woman perished from smoke inhalation, despite firefighters trying their best to save her.

  • Man Struck By Four Cars Trying To Retrieve Phone From Street

    Greylin Jimenez of Davenport, Iowa, was trying to pick up his phone when it fell into the middle of the road. He was hit by four cars in the process, because they couldn't see him in the dark.

    Jimenez perished at the scene from his injuries.