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People Who Actually Faked Cancer (And Got Caught)

Just as some people fake pregnancies or even their own deaths, there are a surprising number of people who faked having cancer. These true stories about fake cancer patients include a man who faked breast cancer to get out of meeting with his parole officer, a former porn star who said that she cured her nonexistent cancer with high-alkaline mineral water, and a woman who shaved her seven-year-old son's hair and sent him to school in a fake wheelchair. 

Because a cancer diagnosis can be so devastating, people caught faking an illness typically don't receive much sympathy. Upon hearing these fake cancer stories, you might be disgusted or even outraged, especially since many of them got caught after bilking friends, family, and charitable strangers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. While the motives are often financial, it can get complicated... and even downright bizarre. 

Read on to discover some real stories of people who faked cancer, and a handful of plausible reasons behind this regrettable behavior.