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List of real people who got plastic surgery to look like a celebrity. These "normal" people all had various justifications to explain why they were getting plastic surgery to look like a specific star. After all, who doesn't want to look like Jennifer Lopez or Ryan Gosling? Well, nobody wants it more than these people, who dropped thousands upon thousands of dollars (or euros, as this seems to be an international trend) on plastic surgery in an attempt to look like a celeb. Crazed fans and celebrity-worshippers aren't news... but spending ungodly amounts of money to look like a celebrity is certainly newsworthy.

While Donna Marie Trego and Mikki Jay underwent a ton of expensive cosmetic surgeries to look like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, respectively, they used it as an investment to impersonate the pop stars around the world. That we get. Gotta get paid! However, this list mainly contains people like the Schlepp twins, two men who decided that looking like Brad Pitt was worth 15,000 euros. For no reason other than... to look like Brad Pitt.

Check out the people on this list  who creeped out Angelina Jolie and freaked out Jessica Alba by getting plastic surgery in order to look like A-list celebrities who'd rather have nothing to do with them. Then go get yourself a $50,000 loan and turn yourself into George Clooney. It'll be totally worth it.
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Bieber Fever is dangerous. Los Angeles singer-songwriter Toby Sheldon (aka Tobias Strebel) spent $100,000 on plastic surgery in order to look like Justin Bieber, who’s 14 years younger than Sheldon. The Beebs superfan appeared on plastic surgery horror story series "Botched" where he shared clips of his time in the recording studio and his motivation to look like the Canadian superstar.


Toby Sheldon was reported missing after being last seen in West Hollywood, CA on August 18, 2015. His body was discovered in a San Fernando Valley area Motel 6 on August 21, 2015. While a cause of death has yet to be reported, law enforcement officials have stated that drugs were found in the room and there is speculation that a recent breakup may have been a contributing factor in the aspiring singer's death.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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Pixee Fox: Jessica Rabbit

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25-year-old Pixee Fox spent more than $120,000 to look like Jessica Rabbit. The model even had six of her ribs removed in order to copy the sexy cartoon's impossibly tiny waist. On her GoFundMe page, Fox wrote, "My goal is to capture the exaggerated femininity of beautiful animated characters like Holly Would, Jessica Rabbit, and Aurora."
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In one of the sadder examples of celebrity-worshipping plastic surgeries, Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister, Ashley Horn, got $25,000 worth of cosmetic work to look like... Lindsay Lohan.

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Romario Dos Santos Alves: The Hulk

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Granted, "The Hulk" as a celeb is a bit of a stretch, but this story is too nuts not to share. A man in Brazil, so desperate to achieve growth in his arms, injected himself with a a concoction called synthol, a dangerous substance used to build mass. Even as his arms took on the properties of rocks, making it impossible to inject directly into the site of the desired build, the 25-year-old acquired special needles to make the injections possible, leading to a condition that nearly necessitated the amputation of both arms. Sounds a little more like "The Thing" than "The Hulk" at any rate...

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