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11 People Who Had Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity

Updated 19 Mar 2020 3.1m views11 items

List of real people who got plastic surgery to look like a celebrity. Some are funnier looking than coffee one liners, while some actually look good. These "normal" people all had various justifications to explain why they were getting plastic surgery to look like a specific star. Sort of like the Batman actors in order, their faces changed frequently. After all, who doesn't want to look like Jennifer Lopez , like one of the Crazy Rich Asian male actors? or that one pop star who sings that song about witches? Skip the best frozen family dinners and hit the gym like the Real Madrid soccer players, instead of going under the knife. Well, nobody wants it more than these people, who dropped thousands upon thousands of dollars (or euros, as this seems to be an international trend) on plastic surgery in an attempt to look like a celeb. Crazed fans and celebrity-worshippers aren't news... but spending ungodly amounts of money to look like a celebrity is certainly newsworthy. Sometimes, the stars themselves turn into celebrities with schizoaffective disorderUnfortunately, some look like Walking Dead main characters (and I'm not talking about the humans) or something out of a Jacques Cousteau Lake Tahoe experience. Plastic surgeons really do have one of the most interesting jobs

Check out the people on this list  who creeped out Angelina Jolie and freaked out Jessica Alba by getting plastic surgery in order to look like A-list celebrities who'd rather have nothing to do with them. Then go get yourself a $50,000 loan and turn yourself into George Clooney. It'll be totally worth it.

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