22 People Who Got Revenge in the Best Way Possible

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The age old adage holds that “revenge is a dish best served cold,” but to the people on this list, revenge was able to take on a myriad of creative forms, all of them even more dastardly than the next. The revenge stories collected on this list will teach you to never cross anyone ever, just in case they’re a secret criminal mastermind. But then again, if you’ve been crossed by an ex and you’re wondering how to get revenge, maybe you can get some ideas from the members of the revenge society on this list. Cross your fingers that you don’t know anyone on this collection of people who got revenge in the best way possible

Historically, revenge has taken many forms. Men have been walled up in their own wine cellars, people have been tricked into performing lewd acts on Skype, and some unlucky guys get their Batmobiles sold on Craigslist. There are so many creative ways to get revenge that it’s hard to know how exactly you should enact retribution upon your enemies. Well, the people below have plenty of top notch revenge ideas waiting for you to take in and learn from. Whatever you do, don’t get yourself in trouble with the 5-0 while executing your vengeful masterstroke.

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