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Whitney S Moore
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The people who are thick-skinned enough to submit themselves to are rewarded with some of the most creative insults on the Internet. Even if you are too cowardly to submit yourself to the subreddit, you can at least revel in the slaying of others.

When it comes to roasting your friends, nothing is sacred. Everything is on the table and free to be turned into epic, funny roast jokes. Extra points go to the most clever insults; simple attacks on someone's clothes, appearance, or sexual orientation need not apply. Take a look at this list of hilarious roasts by redditors, and if you're feeling brave enough, take a picture of yourself and submit it to r/RoastMe!

Vote up your favorite roasts to reward the mean Internet trolls who took roasting to a whole new level. Remember, kids: The thicker the skin, the better the roast. So if you're a roaster or a roastee, make sure you're clever, creative, and able to take what you dish out!

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33 People Who Got Roasted Super Hard