12 People Who Got Exactly What They Deserved

Life can be unfair. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people, seemingly without reason. But sometimes, though, justice shines through in the most poetic way possible, and people who made dumb choices end up getting their comeuppance in the most satisfying ways. These are those stories. 

Photo: designerpoint / Pixabay / Pixabay License

  • Lawmakers Legalize Raw Milk, Then Get Sick To Their Stomachs After Drinking It

    For pretty much your whole life, you've been drinking processed, pasteurized milk. There's a good reason for this: raw, unfiltered milk contains dangerous micro-organisms that wreck havoc on your digestive system, not to mention that it spoils far quicker than standard grocery store milk. For a while, most states banned the selling of raw milk for this very reason.

    But West Virginia lawmakers viewed the prohibition on raw milk as a dangerous government intrusion into the private sector. After they passed a bill that successfully lifted the prohibition on raw milk production, they all chugged a glass of it in celebration. Almost immediately, the lawmakers reported having severe stomach pains and pounding headaches.  

    At first, the lawmakers deny any connection to their stomach bugs and the milk, saying "I highly doubt the raw milk had anything to do with it," and, "there still shouldn't be a law against allowing people to do what they want."

  • 'Prophet' Tries to Bless Lions, Gets Mauled  

    A self-styled "Christian prophet" at the Krueger National Park in South Africa suddenly became "overcome" with the spiritual imperative to leave his safari vehicle to enter the lion habitat while the lions were feeding in an attempt to "control" them by entering a trance and speaking in tongues.

    The lions didn't like having their meal interrupted. Immediately realizing his grave error, the "prophet" immediately started to run. But the lions got the better of him, tackling him to the ground and mauling the intruder.

    After undergoing immediate emergency surgery, the man stated "I do not know what came over me."



  • Second Amendment Advocate For Children Shot By Her Four-Year-Old Son

    Second Amendment supporter and social media personality Jamie Gilt was a spokesman who argued for children to own and train with weapons for their own safety.  

    A few hours after broadcasting to her followers that her 4-year old son was "getting jacket up to target shoot," she was shot in the back by the child with her own firearm.

    She was driving her car where she had left a loaded .45 caliber piece in the back seat within reach of her child. The curious boy decided to try the firearm, which fired through the driver's seat of the car. The bullet ripped through the seat and punctured Gilt's back, necessitating an emergency trip to the hospital. 



  • Culprits Boast About Their Misdeeds On Facebook, Are Immediately Caught

    Bored teenagers in Australia were passing the time by ripping seats off of public transportation and throwing them into oncoming traffic, a ridiculous and dangerous act for many reasons. In addition to the act, the teens also filmed their endeavors and posted the videos to social media.  

    "You hit a f**king car, bro, that's gonna be on the news!" one of the teens says with glee in the video.

    After the teens uploaded the video to Facebook, they provided clear evidence of their wrongdoings. Because of the bad act, the kids faced up to five years in prison.  


  • Internet Troll Exposed By BBC

    Ever curious about the people behind terrible and trolling YouTube comments? So was the BBC, who managed to track down a man who went by the username Nimrod Severn, real name Darren Burton, who frequently trolled the Facebook pages of recently deceased children, leaving awful comments for the kid's friends and family to see.

    This is unambiguously disgusting behavior, especially coming from a married 41-year old man with kids. The BBC caught up with him, tracking him down for a surprise, in-person interview.

    When asked if he realized he was having a real effect on the grieving families he was trolling, he stated: "Well, yeah...f**k 'em."

    When the BBC aired the documentary on exposing internet trolls, they included his real name and address. The outpouring of public hatred forced him to quit social media and move away.  


  • Bully Cuts Off Girl's Hair, Ordered By Judge To Have Hair Cut In Court

    While in a local McDonald's in Utah, 13-year-old Kaytlen Lopan met a three-year old girl and forcibly cut her hair off. 

    Thankfully, the transgression doesn't get any uglier than that, but the punishment Kaytlen received is one of the clearest-cut cases of "eye for an eye" in recent times. After hearing the arguments, the judge ordered Kaytlen 30 days of detention and 276 hours of community service - before an idea struck him.

    "I'm going to give you this option: I will cut that by 150 hours if you want to cut her hair right now," the judge said to her mother, "Right now. I'll go get a pair of scissors and we'll whack that ponytail off."

    And that's exactly what happened, in court, in front of a public crowd.