careers 22 Famous People Who Were Fired for Saying Offensive Things  

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People who have been fired for saying offensive things range from reality stars, celebrity chefs and news anchors to actors, journalists, fashion designers and everyone in between. What they all have in common is that their loose lips led to their demise and cost them what was perhaps their dream job along the way.

It's easy to pick people like Rush Limbaugh and Paula Deen out of the pack with their high-profile firings coming on the heels of their scandalous remarks. Their inappropriate comments cost them big bucks in sponsorship and endorsement dollars, but they are far from alone.

In the age of instant communication, it just takes one simple tweet or Facebook update to kill a career. Just ask Alec Baldwin, Justine Sacco and Scott Bartosiewicz, all of whom were fired for inappropriate tweets.

So, for as long as the talking heads will spout off controversial things--including those who enjoy the attention from stirring the pot like Don Imus and Ann Coulter--there will always be people getting fired for saying controversial things.

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22 Famous People Who Were Fired for Saying Offensive Things