People Who Have Actually Been Possessed By Demons Open Up About Their Experience

Stories of demonic possession may be hard to believe and border on hokey, but there is something about people's true stories of possession that leave you feeling... off. These stories can make you feel like something is hovering over your shoulder and make the shadow in the corner of your room look darker than you remember. Most of you reading this will hopefully never be possessed, but you still may wonder: What it is like to be possessed by a demon? These tales of being consumed by demons shine a light on the nightmare that is having a creature from Hell take over your body. 

These stories by people who have been possessed offer some insight into the circumstances that can lead to a possession, and if you take note, you’ll find out what not to do in order to keep your soul clean. Grab your rosary and draw a circle of protection before discovering what it feels like to be possessed.

  • They Were Doing Spellwork In A Cemetery When A Demon Took Over

    They Were Doing Spellwork In A Cemetery When A Demon Took Over
    Photo: The Last Exorcism II / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

    After casting a Wiccan circle in a cemetery on Halloween, Redditor/u/chiefoftheworld believes they were taken over by a demonic entity. After casting the circle, his partner fell over on a black mirror, crushing it and bringing on something truly spooky. While trying to close the circle, something got into them and almost took over their bodies. 

    "The best way to describe it is like something is invading your space. It’s uncomfortable and it’s almost like it’s trying to shove you out of the way to make room. I literally felt like two different people, and the invader was trying to gain control."

    After howling in the circle for a few minutes, the entity passed and they were free. They closed the circle and didn't mess with it again. 

  • She Was Possessed By The Negative Man

    She Was Possessed By The Negative Man
    Photo: Insidious / Universal Pictures

    Redditor/u/Apple_sunday believes she was possessed by something she refers to as "the negative of a tall man" who smiled at her. He had a green aura and was trying to take over her body completely. She claims the possession began with sleep paralysis and the shadowy figure watching over her, and then she began to experience intense bouts of anger

    She slowly became angrier and angrier until she was having intense emotional outbursts and trying to physically fight her boyfriend. Everything came to a head one day while she and her boyfriend were driving home from the grocery store: 

    "On the drive home, I keep thinking 'there is something attached to me, something is in me, this isn't human, I need to tell him to help me'."

    But she couldn't talk. Instead, all she could hear was something saying, "you wanted to see me... so here I am... look at me." She finally sought out help from her grandmother. 

  • The Incubus In The Haunted House Followed This Woman Home

    The Incubus In The Haunted House Followed This Woman Home
    Photo: The Possession / Lionsgate

    An anonymous woman alleges she inadvertently drew an incubus into her life. She was staying at a friend's house haunted by a ghost named Romoan, a soldier who died on the property during the French and Indian War. The woman and her friend had fun with Romoan, who she said was a "sexy ghost." On the day she went home, her friend asked if she wanted to take him home. She said okay, and that's when the trouble started. 

    She quickly realized Romoan was a demon and not a ghost. She claims she felt an "eerie evil presence" all around her and constantly had "bad feelings." Despite having multiple priests come out to help, she's never been able to escape this low-level possession. 

  • This Teen Experienced Time Jumps After Being Possessed

    This Teen Experienced Time Jumps After Being Possessed
    Photo: Ava's Possession / Orion Pictures

    After a spooky Ouija session in Winnipeg, Canada, a teenage girl found herself possessed by three demons. She says everywhere she looked she could see "orange auras." After she realized she'd been possessed, she requested a friend take her to the Springs Church where she could get some help, and that's when she began to lose time

    She remembers arriving at the church but not going inside. After blacking out, she remembers waking up and choking while in the church. There were more orange auras, and she kept losing time and choking until the demons finally let her go. 

  • Latoya Ammons And Her Three Children Were Possessed

    Latoya Ammons And Her Three Children Were Possessed
    Photo: The Taking of Deborah Logan / Millennium Entertainment

    In one of the spookiest possession stories, Latoya Ammons claims she and her three children - ages seven, nine, and 12 - were all possessed in their Gary, IN home in 2011. She claimed when she was possessed she spoke with a deep voice and her eyes bulged out of her head.

    On top of that, Ammons said every time the demon took over her body she felt weak, lightheaded, and warm. She told the Indy Star, "You can tell it's different, something supernatural." After taking herself and the children to the hospital, one of her children allegedly walked up a hospital wall in full view of nurses and doctors. 

  • This Woman Was Followed By A Demon For Her Entire Life

    This Woman Was Followed By A Demon For Her Entire Life
    Photo: The Exorcist / Warner Bros.

    Following the death of her father, Andrea Rossouw states a demon attached itself to her at the age of 11 and refused to let go for decades. She describes the demon as being physically abusive to her through a variety of means. Once while she was dating someone, she says the demon infested her boyfriend's body and made him physically assault her. When Rossouw finally relented and allowed the demon into her body it almost killed her

    "The demon openly admitted to me that he was jealous and that the ‘other’ man was only there to pay the bills. He presented himself to me as a God and I believed that he was going to take care of me in this world." 

    After she allowed the demon into her body, it made her sit around in bed all day. She would speak in a man's voice to anyone who tried to talk to her, and if she ever tried to go outside, the demon would strangle her until she passed out.