Stories Of People Who Hid From The Nazis During World War II

The Holocaust was a horrific time in human history, but also a time of great bravery and kindness. As the Nazis expanded their reach and tightened their grip on Europe, they worked to systematically destroy populations of people within their borders they felt were undesirable. For the most part, the Nazis focused their effort on Jewish people, who were rounded up and put into ghettos, then eventually shipped to concentration camps. Millions died. But luckily, there are stories of people who hid from the Nazis during World War II and managed to stay hidden until the end of the war.

Thanks to underground resistance movements, the cunning of ordinary folks, and the courageous help of friends, numerous people went into hiding and stayed out of the Nazi's grasp. Many managed to stay safe until the Allies liberated Europe, though others weren't so fortunate. The Nazis were relentless in their pursuit, and many courageous souls were discovered. Still, there are some spectacular accounts below from people who hid from the Nazis, survived WWII, and lived to pass on the stories.