Unsuspecting People Who Knew Serial Killers Personally Describe Their Relationships

Chances are, you don't know the people around you as well as you think you do. Friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even family members can have a darkness lurking inside them, and sometimes, the truth can be absolutely horrifying. Reddit users who knew serial killers have come together to discuss their experiences, and it's amazing how many of them totally missed obvious signal flags. The next time you meet a person that seems nice, but feels a little "off," maybe it's best to follow your instincts, as the life you save may very well be your own. 

  • The BTK Killer Drove Scouts Home Before Curfew To Protect Them

    From Redditor /u/drunky_crowette

    "BTK — Mr. (Dennis) Rader as I knew him — went to my Nanas church. My whole mom's side knew/met him. He once gave me a cookie and complimented my dress at a bake sale. My mom would go to his house when she was younger to do church stuff, my uncles knew him from their scouts group. He'd drive everyone home before their 6pm curfew they had because BTK was still out there."

  • One User Helped The Night Stalker Hone His Craft

    From Redditor /u/Babylaube:

    "My aunt nonchalantly told us last time we visited her that she was spending the night at a friend's house one night in her teens, and a man broke in. They woke up to her friend's older sister coming home around midnight from work, seeing the man inside her house and in their shared room. They screamed bloody murder (which woke her dad up) and he was chased out of the house. She got a good look at him before he ran out, but didn't realize until years later when she saw a documentary that it was Richard Ramirez, AKA the Night Stalker, notorious LA serial killer from the mid '80s.

    This was the early '80s, and she said after doing a little research about him, she's now convinced that night must have been one of his first home invasions and he was testing the waters. His murders occurred in 1984-85. That night, he had removed the screen, crawled in through an open kitchen window and moved everything off the counter silently while everyone slept."

  • A Redditor's Mom Was Briefly In The Manson Family

    From Redditor /u/-Greis-

    "My mother ran with Charles Manson for a little bit. She's kind of crazy so she got caught up in his charming personality and his passionate words. He was young and energetic. The hippie movement was in full swing and that was really appealing to people like my mother. I honestly don't know why she ended up splitting from the group. I'd like to think it was that she caught a vibe of what was to come, but more likely than not she just couldn't afford the bus ticket to get back to the group after a trip home."

  • Jeffrey Dahmer Had A Day Job Too

    From Redditor /u/WaterStoryMark

    "My coworker was working with Jeffrey Dahmer at the Ambrosia factory when he was arrested. (Third shift, by the way.)

    He likes to tell the story about the news report. There was a dude at the plant who freaked everyone out. He didn't talk and nobody talked to him. Let's call him Matt. One day, news breaks that someone from the plant was arrested as a suspect in the serial killer case. When the employees arrive that night, they're all waiting for everyone to get there, so they can talk about it. To their surprise, Matt comes walking in the door. None of them expected it to be Jeff."

  • Bayou Strangler Ronald Dominique's Childhood Sounds Pretty Rough

    From Redditor /u/tsim12345

    "My cousin is the Bayou Strangler, Ronald Dominique. He killed over 23 people but the world didn't really care because they were poor, gay men. My dad grew up next door to him (very common for family members to buy houses next to each other down here) and said he witnessed a lot of abuse, starvation and simply WEIRD practices going on in their house. Things like the parents eating steak for supper and the kids getting one half of a hotdog weenie each. The kids would ask people for food often.

    Then, the mom was caught sleeping with her own brother. The dad found out about this and told all the kids that their mom was sleeping wth her brother etc. I haven't heard this story in a long time and these details might be somewhat wrong but they had a camper in the middle of the woods? Or somewhere remote? And the dad found out that's where his wife was meeting her brother for sex and he took the kids out there one night to 'catch her in the act.' It caused a big scene."

  • For Aileen Wuornos, Evil Runs In The Family

    From Redditor /u/DucklesMcFuckles:

    "I never actually met her, but I know the biological family of Aileen Wuornos. I'm not related to them, but I've met Wuornos's mother and she is f*cking terrifying. She's almost completely bald and absolutely insane. She flies off the rails and has detached, rambling episodes about the most random things. Wuornos had several half-siblings, which is how I know the family. The sibling's daughter looks exactly like Wuornos did — she's the spitting image and just as violent and insane. She's leading a similar life already, but hasn't killed anyone yet. I honestly believe it's only a matter of time. I found out when my parents took me to see Monster (and) explained afterwards that we knew (a part of) Wuornos's family."