13 People Who Left Their Fortunes to Their Pets

If you're an animal lover, you might get along with your pets better than you do with people. But do you love your pets so much that you would include them in your will and cut your family members out? That's exactly what many of the people on this list did. These are people who left their fortunes to their pets - often at the expense of those closest to them. 

If you're wondering what a dog is going to do with $10 million, the answer is, "Not much." These rich people who gave money to their pets also assigned trustees to take charge of the money and spend it on the animals. Many of these trustees got pretty sweet deals themselves; most of them got to live in the rich person's mansion while taking care of the animals.

Would you leave your fortune to your dog? If you were this rich, you just might. Check out these people who left pets money.