Actors Who Somehow Looked Older In The '90s Than They Do Now

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The worst thing that can happen to a celebrity is growing a year older. Some actors embrace their age and gracefully shine their light over newer stars, but some celebs refuse to go into that dying light. More often than not it's creepy when a star refuses to move on once they’re past their prime, but some stars are like wine (or fancy cheese) – they get better with age! The stars on this list exist in that rarified air where the aging process simply stops (or reverses), and man refuses to bow to the curse of the gods. The stars on this list may have looked good in the '90s, but they look even better now.

If you have enough money, there are hundreds of ways to slow, or even reverse the aging process. Some people choose plastic surgery, while others decide to go the route of an unholy sacrifice, or a personal trainer. When you’re a celebrity like the men and women on this list, the sky’s the limit.

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