People Who Owe Their Drunk Selves a Thank You

If you enjoy a drinking a beer or seven every once in a while, you've probably woken up in the morning feeling guilty about your actions on the previous night. Man, our drunk selves can be such assholes! We break stuff, we make messes, we cheat, we overeat, and we can be so loud and obnoxious. Not to mention that if your drunk self indulged a little too much, your sober self probably feels awful the next day. This is why we feel especially grateful when our drunk selves decide to act a little nicer to us. Check out this list of funny images where people's drunk alter egos decided to do some good for once.
Whether it's an unnecessary (but totally appreciated) Amazon purchase, a thoughtful folding of tomorrow's outfit, or a gift of extra glasses of water (or cans of beer?) to quench that morning thirst, these people's drunk selves are helping their sober selves live their best life. Vote up your favorite funny drunk self pictures!