People Who Should Be in the Hockey Hall of Fame

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Those eligible through the 2013 class

People who should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame include some of the best players, coaches, builders and broadcasters who are all deserving of being enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada. For one reason or another, these talented men have been overlooked come induction time and as of the 2012 Hockey Hall of Fame class, have not gotten the call.

For many of these retired hockey players, an induction into the Hockey Hall is fairly likely but simply has not happened yet. Each year, a maximum of four male and two female players plus a total of two builders and officials can be inducted into the hall. Due to these restrictions, many quality players are forced to wait several years while those with slightly higher legacies are chosen instead. The likes of Brendan Shannahan, Theo Fleury, Jeremy Roenick and Eric Lindros are all great examples of those who will likely get the call eventually.

Then there's another breed of people who should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame who have simply been overlooked for one reason or another. Few can deny that Hockey Night in Canada broadcasters Don Cherry and Ron MacLean have made an impact on the game, yet they've so far not received induction into the builder category. Rick Tocchet had a long and successful career as a player and coach in the NHL but many will say his off-ice legal issues have kept him out of the hall. Going a bit further back, many players from decades ago, such as Butch Goring, Murray Murdoch and Billy Reay, were never inducted and likely won't be remembered now despite their deserving contributions to the game.

Overall, these men are among the best hockey goaltenders, best NHL defensemen and overall best hockey players of all time yet they've so far not been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Vote for who you think should be in Toronto, add any not listed or re-rank this list of the most deserving of being in the Hockey Hall of Fame below!
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