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16 True Stories of People Who Actually Tried to Become Animals

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How many times have you wondered what life would be like if you were a dog? Have you ever said a crocodile was your "spirit animal"? If so, then you’re not so different from these people who turned themselves into animals.

As you’ll soon find out, some of these transformations are more permanent than others. But even the people who can put on and remove their animal guises at will admit that the only time they feel free is when they’re on all fours, howling at the moon. Put on your saddle and take a look at these people who tried to become animals.

The idea of people becoming animals isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon: legends going back to ancient times detail werewolves long before Universal Pictures put them on the big screen, and the concept of a centaur is basically a pre-BDSM version of pony play.

Keep in mind when reading about all of these people who became animals, that not every animan and aniwoman wanted to become an animal for the same reason. Fetishes seem to be the basis for a few of the folks on this list, but most of the wolves, puppies, and even the dragon became animals to learn something about themselves and to become comfortable in their own skin.

  • The Self-Medicating Depressive Who Became a Siberian Tiger

    In December 2016, cameras installed in a Polish forest to monitor wildlife activity caught footage of a naked man who thought he was a Siberian tiger. The man, identified as Marek H of the Czech Republic, elected to treat his depression with LSD. Ensconced in psychedelic haze, he discovered his "true personality," that of a Siberian tiger. Marek stripped off his clothes and traveled 15.5 miles along the Czech-Polish border over eight hours. He told police when he was apprehended that he had picked up a scent, and was following it. 

  • The Man Who Took a Vacation as a Goat

    Photo: YouTube

    Thomas Thwaites is a UK-based designer who just wanted to take a break. But instead of going to the beach, he decided to turn himself into a goat.

    "My goal was to take a holiday from the pain and worry of being a self-conscious being, able to regret the past and worry about the future," he said.

    So he commissioned a variety of prostheses that made his body more goat-like. He spoke with experts to learn how goats move, and even researched how he might be able to digest grass. He also met with a psychologist and neurologist to learn how he might be able to think less like a human and more like a goat.

    He then joined a goat herd for three days in September 2014, and according to the farmer who was taking care of the goats, the herd seemed to accept Thwaites.  

  • Ted Richards, Parrot-Man

    Video: YouTube

    In 2015, 56-year-old Ted Richards took the plunge and cut off his ears, then began seeking a surgeon who would turn his nose into a beak so he could more closely resemble his beloved pet parrots. He also sports 110 tattoos, including tattoos on his face and eyeballs, 50 piercings, and a split tongue.

    The surgery to remove his ears took six hours, but it was worth it for Ted to be that much closer to his pets. The only downside? Without ears, it was hard to hold up his glasses, so Ted had two small metal pins added to the side of his head for that purpose.

  • The Dragon Lady

    Photo: YouTube

    A trans woman named Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa (or Tiamat, for short) finally decided to jump in the deep end at age 55 and become a dragon. She forked her tongue, removed her ears, modified her nose, removed some of her teeth, and dyed her eyeballs. She also had horns implanted in her forehead, and she's received a full-face tattoo complete with colorful scales

    On her website, she says she is "becoming a reptoid" and "leaving [her] humanness behind."

    Is anyone else inspired?