People Who Were Raised In The Hasidic Community Share Stories About Their Lives  

Lowe Saddler
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Some people might assume Hasidic Jewish communities are incredibly separate from other towns. And while it's true, the conservative Jewish group follows certain practices that seem different, the community functions in much the same way as any other. They have jobs, provide for their families, and recognize specific religious holidays.

Redditors offer their insights into the faith and lifestyle. They're able to explain their current or past faith in ways secular people can understand, and the stories are nothing if not eye-opening.

Men Can't Listen To Women Sing

From Redditor /u/UltimateSausage:

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish community has very strict rules about modesty. There's a rule called kol isha that says men aren't allowed to listen to women singing. (Some say that this rule applies even to recordings, and that means you aren't allowed to listen to any female artist.) There's another rule called yichud that says one man and one woman aren't allowed to be in the same isolated room together unless they're related or married. Married women aren't allowed to show their hair in public because hair is attractive. (Some women circumvent this rule by wearing wigs.)

Couple all that with the ultra-Orthodox community being extremely close-knit with a very much us-and-them mentality, and these rules generally create a culture of avoiding experiences with non-Jews.

Boys And Girls Are Usually Separated After First Grade

From Redditor /u/widdleavi1:

[I] grew up Hasidic... Some sects are stricter than others... All sects keep boys and girls separate from 1st grade and up so most are very uncomfortable with the opposite sex.

There's A Kosher Internet Filter

From Redditor /u/joethefisch:

The rabbis and leaders try really hard to ban internet altogether. They have a really difficult time with the internet. Its only allowed for business purposes. They have created a kosher internet filter. You’re only allowed to use the internet with that filter. So yes, I’m currently violating the rules by bypassing the filter and being on Reddit...

Their Clothes Are Like Uniforms

From Redditor /u/joethefisch:

The original idea behind the dress code is to be different than everyone else. Another way not to assimilate. Throughout the years it gained some layers and customs and it became something holy and something to be proud of. I remember hearing when I grew up, just like the London soldiers wear their uniforms no matter what weather, so do we. This is our uniform.