True Stories These People Took To Reddit To Talk About The Murders They Witnessed, And How It Affected Them  

Brandon Michaels
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Some people have witnessed the horrific act of one human killing another. Sadly, murder is not as rare as people may think. 15,696 homicides occurred in the US in 2015, with signs that the rate will be increasing over the years. Many of these murders took place in the streets or other public areas, leaving thousands of witnesses fleeing the crime scene. People who have seen murder generally agree that the terrible loss of life is definitely not like how it goes down on TV or in movies. Rather, murder is messy, scary, and often times unexpected.

If you've always wondered what really goes down at a murder scene, check out these stories from Reddit users who saw a homicide happen in real life. From the mass shootings and murders in 2017 to local hit-and-runs, Redditors have experienced it all. They've seen murderers and dying victims up close, and recount the heinous acts in their personal accounts. Be warned: this content may be disturbing for some readers. 

Witnessed A Van Run Down A Bicyclist As A Child

From Redditor Inspector_Five:

"My brother and I witnessed a hit-and-run which resulted in the death of one of the victims.

This was back in the early '90s, so kids playing outside unsupervised was a normal part of life. We were over at a friend's house, playing on the front lawn during the summer time. It was after sunset and the street lights were starting to come on, even though there was still enough light outside. I want to say we were playing with plastic swords (or things we imagined were swords. I think I had a plastic wiffle ball bat I was swinging around). Out in the street, two men were riding their bikes in the middle of the road.

In the distance, a full-sized van pulled onto the street and continued toward the bicyclists. As someone who has a father who is an avid bicyclist, I expect at least one of two things to happen: either the van would give way while passing the cyclists (as it was on a one-way road), or the bicyclists would notice the van and move off to the side, allowing them to pass.

The bicyclists did not move and the van did not slow down. At this point I looked away, only to turn my head back to the scene after hearing my brother and his friend screaming, 'Stop! Stop!' at the direction of the van. One of the bicyclists [was] doing the same while hitting the side of the van with his hand.

The driver did not stop, nor did he speed up. He simply kept at the speed he had been going before as if nothing happened. All the while, a streak of red began to form under the van's wake.

It was at that moment we were, quite fiercely, told to get inside the house. Our friend's mother called 911, and our parents shortly thereafter.

I remember hearing my brother cry. He never cried, not out in the open and in the company of strangers. Even at a young age, he already had a machismo complex, but being older than me, he also understood death and what we had witnessed. I was too young to fully grasp what had happened, thinking the man on the bike would get better."

Was Speaking With A Student Moments Before He Was Gunned Down By Gang Members

From Redditor Airum:

"My father (who is an intercity high school auto shop teacher) was talking to a student through a chain link fence when suddenly, the student was gunned down with an automatic weapon. He was within five feet of the victim when a few gang members approached and shot him in the legs, later firing the rest of the clip into his chest [and] head. They fled the scene immediately and didn't attempt to harm my father.

However, due to the proximity, he was covered in blood splatter and body tissue. He describes it as the most horrific experience of his entire life."

Witnessed A Brutal Assassination

From Redditor greengale2:

"Happened a few years ago just outside our house. A man was walking on the street when a guy on motorcycle came and just shot him multiple times with a rifle and drove off. He was still barely alive, begging for help, but eventually died. 

There were speculations about a drug deal gone wrong. It was definitely not random - it was an assassination."

Witnessed A Murderer Shooting Victims In Toronto's China Town

From Redditor Seanshotfirst:

"China Town shooting in Toronto last February. Just got home from the bar, and looked out the window after the shooting started (to confirm it was gun shots) to see the final shots and everyone run. Went downstairs and out to the street to help with first aid, but both guys I examined were dead.

Turned out to have been a drunk guy over-reacting to a personal debt one of the victims had to him, or something like that."