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10+ People With Creepily Realistic Alien Stories  

Nathan Gibson
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The possibility of extraterrestrial life fascinates humans. So it's not surprising that people often share stories about alien abductions and UFOs – even if the vast majority of people think they are nothing more than hoaxes designed to trick the gullible. However, there are some people with creepily realistic alien stories that sound as if they just might be genuine. Why would anyone make up such grisly details?

Alien stories that seem true often include bizarre creatures capable of all sorts of terrible deeds. After all, would intruders to this planet be friendly and nice, or would they be ruthless conquerors? Would they simply stop by to gather intel, or would they abduct humans for their ghastly experiments? And then there are the people who claim that they're actually aliens themselves. Could they be telling the truth?

Whatever you believe, these scary stories about aliens are sure to keep you up at night.

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A Man Was Blasted By A UFO In ... is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 10+ People With Creepily Realistic Alien Stories
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A Man Was Blasted By A UFO In Front Of Six Witnesses

Travis Walton was seemingly blasted by a weapon from a UFO in 1975, and then brought aboard the spaceship by its alien pilots. Reports at the time state that the event was witnessed by six forestry workers, who were at the site when the strange event unfolded. They claim to have saw the craft rise over the trees before shooting some sort of energy weapon at Walton.

The police initially thought the men had killed Walton, but he turned up five days later. He claimed he had been abducted, and had had to fight his way off the ship to escape.

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A Russian Man Claims He Once L... is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list 10+ People With Creepily Realistic Alien Stories
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A Russian Man Claims He Once Lived On Mars

A Russian man named Boriska Kipriyanovich has continually confounded experts. He was able to read and write at a phenomenally young age, could hold his own head up unassisted a week after he was born, and had detailed knowledge of subjects he had never been taught.

Kipriyanovich has an explanation: he says he's a reborn Martian who lived on the Red Planet after a nuclear catastrophe decimated the surface. According to him, seven foot-tall Martians still live underground on the planet. They also apparently have a connection with the Egyptians; some mysterious key is hidden behind the ear of the Great Sphinx.

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Four Fisherman Claimed They We... is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 10+ People With Creepily Realistic Alien Stories
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Four Fisherman Claimed They Were Abducted

Four men who were out fishing in Maine during the summer of 1976 claim that they were abducted by a group of aliens. The two brothers and their friends said they saw strange lights in the sky, and then woke up on the shore without any idea of what had happened.

Hypnotic regression seemingly uncovered the truth. The men had been taken by creatures with four fingers who had then carried out a series of tests using probes and needles.

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A Woman Was Abducted In Front ... is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 10+ People With Creepily Realistic Alien Stories
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A Woman Was Abducted In Front Of Witnesses

Linda Napolitano was seemingly abducted by aliens from her Brooklyn apartment in 1989. Stranger still, the event happened in front of witnesses. Two men acting as bodyguards for an important political figure saw her being taken up into an alien craft.

Napolitano said she was experimented on before being released back to Earth.

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