People Who Most Deserve Tips, But Don't Get Them

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Ahh, tipping! Do we dare speak for the masses when we say that tipping can get a little uncomfortable? But tipping service employees doesn't have to be a hazy and unknown twilight zone, nor does it have to be restricted to prompt service. Sometimes, you should be tipping someone because they exceeded your expectations and did more work than they're actually get paid to do. So we've made a list of service-providers that you should be tipping if you aren't already!

How much should you tip and who are the people you should tip? As the hospitality industry becomes more diverse, it's hard to know who you should be tipping, and who you shouldn't be tipping. Receiving exceptional service is like waking up to a $5 bill from the tooth fairy under your pillow. You're left feeling a kind of giddy excitement that only occurs when something nearly unbelievable happens. So when we encounter people who make us feel better about life and treat us with respect and care, it's appropriate to recognize those efforts.

Is there anybody you're in the habit of tipping that the rest of the world doesn't seem to be aware of? Share it with us! Check out this list of people you should be tipping, but probably aren't. Perhaps you didn't know you should be tipping them? That's ok. We're all still learning everyday.
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    Delivery Person If You Live Somewhere Tricky

    You should normally tip delivery people 10%, but tip extra if you live somewhere hard to find.
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    Efficient Movers

    If your movers kick a**, tip them 5% (or whatever you can afford).

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    Nursing Home Staff Who Run Errands

    Tip $5 to the nursing home staff that does errands for your family members. 
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    Grocery Bagger Who Helps You To Your Car

    Slip your bagger a couple dollars if they help you carry a large load to your car. 
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    Hotel Maids

    Tip a couple dollars for each time they've cleaned.
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    Furniture Deliverers (Esp. If The Item Is Bulky/Awkward)

    Tip 5% of the delivery charge. If the item is hard to handle, increase the tip to 10%.
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    Dog Groomer

    Start with a $5 tip and go up from there, depending on how much appreciation you're trying to show. 
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    Courtesy Shuttle Driver

    Tip anywhere from $2 to $4 for every person they're carting around.
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    Enthusiastic Tour Guides

    If a tour guide goes above and beyond, let them know by slipping them $5 afterward.
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    Coat Room Attendants

    A $1-3 tip is appropriate, depending on how many items you had them keep.
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    Hotel Concierge

    Each time you ask them for a special service, you should be tipping a few dollars.
  • 14

    Private Chefs

    You should be tipping your personal chef the same (if not more) as you would a waiter/chef. 
  • 16

    Hair Stylist's Assistant

    Tip a couple dollars to whoever washed your hair and gave you that heavenly neck massage.
  • 17

    The House Band

    Live music enhances your experience. Show appreciation by throwing a couple bucks in the tip jar!
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    If your nanny's a rockstar, show appreciation by adding a tip to his or her next check.
  • 19

    Personal Trainer Who Makes You At-Home Workouts

    Tip a couple dollars if your PT goes out of their way to build you an at-home workout routine.
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    Coffee Shop Employees

    Even if you just get a cup of coffee, if you're using free wi-fi, you should tip a couple bucks.
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    Tasting Room Staff

    Tip like they're your bartender. If you have a large party, increase the tip amount.
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    Downtown Parking Lot Attendants

    These guys keep out all the riff raff. Tip 'em a couple dollars upon your return.
  • 23

    Ice Cream Shop Employees (When You Sample Flavors)

    Throw a buck or two in the tip jar if you tried tons of ice cream flavors.
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    If you tip a masseuse, you can tip someone who carefully sticks needles in your skin. $5 per appointment is appropriate.
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    Chefs don't normally get tipped out, so specifying a tip for them is rare and appreciated.