12 Fun Facts About Pepsi You Didn't Already Know

The Pepsi brand conjures up images of condensation drenched iced glasses of delicious fizzy cola soft drinks. More than that, Pepsi has a fascinating history and has been involved in some cool stunts, such as levitating next to a double-decker bus. They also gave Sofía Vergara her start on the small screen by having her star in one of their commercials. You could also play two video games that involve the mascot Pepsiman. And if you really love that Pepsi Wild Cherry flavor be sure to apply some Wild Cherry lip balm while you watch the game show Cherries Wild, hosted by Jason Biggs. While there's a lot more to Pepsi than just the soda, we're sure glad Caleb Bradham invented "Brad's Drink" in 1893, which eventually became Pepsi-Cola.

Vote up the favorites you found to be the most interesting and have fun while you learn a little more about one of the biggest soft drink brands in the world.

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    Drink Two Pepsis And Call Me In The Morning

    The classic soft drink you know and love today was originally marketed as a digestive aid.  The name "Pepsi" itself comes from having been advertised to stop dyspepsia, more commonly known as upset stomach or indigestion.

    Carbonated drinks are still offered as a home remedy for upset stomachs despite little to no evidence to support it. But if soft drinks help you feel better when your tummy hurts, who are we to say you're wrong?

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    Pepsi Is Part Of Hollywood Royalty

    Joan Crawford, known for such films as Mildred Pierce, Our Dancing Daughters and  The Jazz Singer, married Pepsi-Cola president Alfred N. Steele in 1955. Her later films would go on to showcase Pepsi products and Crawford herself became a Pepsi spokesperson and was eventually appointed to the Board of Directors.

  • What Time Is It? Time For A Pepsi
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    What Time Is It? Time For A Pepsi

    The Rolex GMT Master is one of the most sought after Rolex models. It's had several nicknames given to it by watch enthusiasts based on different model features. It became known as the Rolex Pepsi when it introduced a recognizable blue and red bezel.

    Once you look at the watch, you get it. The Rolex GMT Master II also came out with the same flashy blue and red bezel and sells for almost double its retail value on the secondary market.

  • Pepsi Is Not Afraid To Try New Things
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    Pepsi Is Not Afraid To Try New Things

    As a company, Pepsi is constantly inovating and the arena where that is most true is in flavors. There are tons of Pepsi flavors, many of which you've probably never heard of, let alone tried. Here's a Ranker list where you can vote on The Coolest Pepsi Flavors.

    Remember this Papa Roach commercial for Pepsi Blue?

  • Pepsi-Cola And Frito-Lay Said "I Do" In 1965
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    Pepsi-Cola And Frito-Lay Said "I Do" In 1965

    Both CEOs saw an opportunity to become one of the leading food and beverage companies in the world. Now we have PepsiCo, a company that was referred to as “a marriage made in heaven.”

    This is mostly due to their ability to distribute salty snacks that can be paired with refreshing beverages to quench a customers's thirst. The company is now comprised of seven different divisions that span the globe.

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    Brads Of The World, Be Proud

    When Pepsi was first invented, it was known as "Brad's Drink." The carbonated beverage was invented by drug store owner Caleb Bradham in 1893. It would be five more years before it became "Pepsi-Cola." A combination of names that referred to its intended use as a digestive aid and great cola taste.