How To Get The Perfect Pair Of Brows For Your Face Shape

Eyebrows are unique to every person—think of them as the fingerprints of the beauty world. Even on an individual face, brows can vary; as Abbi says in Broad City, eyebrows are often "sisters, not twins." Since every pair of brows has their own unique personality, there’s no one way to get the perfect shape.

Figuring out how to get the perfect brows for you all comes down to your face shape. Eyebrows can complement and balance out the angles and curves of your face, whether you’re an oval, square, diamond, or heart-shaped gal. These tips will help you discover the perfect brows for your face shape, maintain them, and find the right products to keep your brows looking bomb every day.

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  • Heart-Shaped Faces Should Stick With Rounded Brows


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    Heart-shaped faces are characterized by cheeks that are wider than the hairline, with a narrow and pointed chin as well as a widow's peak. If you need a celebrity visual, think Ruby Rose or Scarlett Johanssen. With these features, it's best to keep your brows rounded. The roundness of your brows will match the heart-shaped curves of your face perfectly!

  • Round Faces Should Create Angles


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    If your face is just as wide as it is long and you have a rounded jawline and chin, then your face shape is considered round, just like supermodel Chrissy Teigen. The goal with your brows, then, is to add some angles to your face. Opt for an sharp, arched shape that gives your look a little lift. 

  • Soft Arches Work Well For Oval Faces


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    Oval faces are shaped like an upside down egg—they're a little longer than they are wide, with a rounded point at the chin. If this is your face shape, make like your celebrity twin Jessica Alba and sculpt your brows into soft arches. You don't have to make the arch particularly sharp or dramatic—just a little lift will add some nice angles to your forehead.

  • Square Faces Benefit From A Soft, Rounded Brow


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    To find out if you have a square face, take a look at the length and width of your face. Are they about the same? If so, and you have a strong, angled jawline, then you're a classic square. Since your face is all angles, you can soften your look with a rounded brow. Don't worry about defining an arch—just opt for a natural, smooth shape.

  • Long Faces Should Go With A Straight Brow

    Long-faced ladies—like former Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer, Victoria Beckham—will do well with straight brows. Since your face is about twice as long as it is wide, the straight line of the brow will balance your features and make your face look shorter. Stay away from a high arched brow, which would elongate your face shape even more.

  • Diamond Shaped Faces Look Great With A Rounded Brow


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    Diamond faces are defined by a hairline that's slightly more narrow than your cheeks paired with a pointed chin. Let your face shape shine by keeping your brows curved. A curved or rounded brow shape that turns down at the end will help make your cheeks, the widest point of your face, look less wide, and will balance out your features beautifully. Just look at Tyra Banks's fierce brows for inspiration!