25 Behind The Scenes Facts From 'Perfect Strangers'

On March 25, 1986, a television show premiered on ABC that would change the face of history and increase the happiness of all who watched. That show was called Perfect Strangers. Part of the famous TGIF lineup, and one of the best sitcoms of all time, the Perfect Strangers TV show ran for eight wonderful seasons, telling the stories of cousins Balki and Larry and their life in Chicago. But what went on behind the scenes on Perfect Strangers? What fun trivia might you not know? Let's find out!

Without Perfect Strangers, America would be but an empty void and television history would just not be as fun. There would be no "Dance of Joy," no foreign alliance with the country of Mypos (do you know which famous female diva sings their national anthem?) and no Steve Urkel. Can you imagine?! Even the Perfect Strangers theme song is one of the best!

For those of you who get all warm inside whenever you see a stuffed sheep named Dimitri, here's a list of fun Perfect Strangers facts.


  • It Was Lucille Ball's Favorite Show

    It Was Lucille Ball's Favorite Show
    Photo: Lever Brothers / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Legendary comedienne Lucille Ball told reporters that Perfect Strangers was one of her favorite sitcoms. At the time, Ball was attempting to revive her own career with the series Life with Lucy, which ran for only one season.

  • The Characters' Girlfriends Mysteriously Moved Into Their Building

    The Characters' Girlfriends Mysteriously Moved Into Their Building
    Photo: ABC
    When Balki and Larry started dating Jennifer and Mary Anne, it was because they had met them at a local gym. In later episodes, they lived in the same building as the cousins. Guess they moved in when we weren't looking?
  • Both Lead Actors Went To Yale

    Both Lead Actors Went To Yale
    Photo: ABC

    Bronson Pinchot originally studied painting and acting at Yale; Mark Linn-Baker attended Yale University and Yale Drama School. 

  • 'Family Matters' Was A 'Perfect Strangers' Spin-Off

    'Family Matters' Was A 'Perfect Strangers' Spin-Off
    Photo: Family Matters / ABC

    Harriette Winslow appeared on Perfect Strangers and then got her own spin-off, Family Matters. The role of Harriette, which was played by Jo Marie Payton, was then recast for the second half of season nine, since Payton now had her own show.

    The two shows never really crossed over. The only significant connection was that at the end of the opening credits of Perfect Strangers, Balki and Larry are on a boat underneath a bridge on the Chicago river and the opening of Family Matters starts with the Winslow family riding over that same bridge.