31 Photos That Were Snapped at the Absolute Perfect Time

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Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just someone with a smartphone, everyone knows how crucial timing is in order to get the perfect shot. Blink and you'll miss the opportunity to capture some truly weird, funny, and amazing images – not an easy feat to accomplish at all.

Take a look at these photos that would have never happened if not for the agility and sheer response time of their photographers. Some are hilarious, some are amazing, some look just plain wrong! One thing all these photographers definitely have in common is they probably have one hand glued to their camera at all times. Remember, if you're looking to make your Internet fame by way of a well-timed photograph, diligence is key!


  • 1. Lady Liberty Calls The Lightning

    Lady Liberty Calls The Lightning
    Photo: u/GrahamSaysNO / Reddit
  • 2. You Shall Not Pass

    You Shall Not Pass
    Photo: u/Paul1205 / Reddit
  • 3. It's Neil Armstrong!

    It's Neil Armstrong!
    Photo: Pinterest
  • 4. That's Some Hair

    That's Some Hair
    Photo: LittleSith / Imgur