The Best Historical Dramas On Hulu

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Vote up the best shows set in a specific historical period (and one different than the era they were filmed) currently streaming on Hulu.

Whether set against a backdrop of war or sharing the story of a famous family, the best historical dramas on Hulu will educate as they entertain. Some historical TV series streaming on Hulu are set in the south during the American Civil War while other Hulu historical dramas are based in the UK. Some of the best historical drama shows on Hulu right now take place in the ancient East.

Which series will you find on this list of historical dramas streaming on Hulu? Vikings has to be near the top. This medieval story follows Ragnar Lothbrok – played by Travis Fimmel – as he seeks to raid England and become Earl. Barbarians Rising is another action-packed historical drama currently on Hulu. If you are looking for more historical dramas to watch on Hulu, Genius, Black Sails, and The Great would be great options.

Vote up your favorite historical drama shows to help other Hulu subscribers know what to watch and vote down any historical dramas that you'd rather not be doomed to repeat.