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TV Perry King TV Show/Series Credits

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TV Shows featuring Perry King, listed alphabetically with photos when available. All of the TV programs that had Perry King in the cast are featured here. Perry King may have had a prominent role in these shows, but this list also includes shows where Perry King had a guest starring role or cameo appearance. You can find additional information about these Perry King shows as well, such as who else starred on the show and who created it.

The list you're viewing has a variety of shows, like One to Grow On and Titans, in it.

This list answers the questions, "What shows has Perry King been on?" and "What are the best Perry King TV shows?"

If you're a TV junkie, this list is the perfect resource for finding some new Perry King shows that you haven't already seen. If you're going to waste time watching television you might as well do it while watching shows starring Perry King. {#nodes}

Perry King has worked with many well-known actors, such as Courteney Cox and Julianne Moore.

Captains and the Kings is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Perry King TV Show/Series Credits
Captains and the Kings Jane Seymour, Henry Fonda, Charles Durning - Captains and the Kings is mini-series from Best Sellers television series.

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I'll Take Manhattan is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Perry King TV Show/Series Credits
I'll Take Manhattan Julianne Moore, Valerie Bertinelli, Barry Bostwick - I'll Take Manhattan is a 1987 American television miniseries, adapted from Judith Krantz's novel of the same name. Screened by CBS, it tells the story of the wealthy Amberville family, who run ...more

One to Grow On is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Perry King TV Show/Series Credits
One to Grow On Betty White, Michael J. Fox, David Hasselhoff - One to Grow On is an educational public service announcement that broadcast during NBC's Saturday morning line-up from 1983 to 1989 when the network ran cartoons. The name is taken from the ...more

The Torkelsons is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Perry King TV Show/Series Credits
The Torkelsons Brittany Murphy, Lee Norris, Connie Ray - The Torkelsons is an American sitcom which aired on the NBC television network from September 21, 1991 to June 6, 1993. Produced by Walt Disney Television, the series starred Connie Ray, Olivia ...more

Riptide is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list Perry King TV Show/Series Credits
Riptide Kelly Preston, Anne Francis, Richard Lewis - Riptide is an American TV detective series that ran on NBC from December 3, 1983 to August 22, 1986, starring Perry King, Joe Penny, and Thom Bray. It was created by Frank Lupo and Stephen J. ...more

The Quest (1982) is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Perry King TV Show/Series Credits
The Quest (1982) Perry King, Noah Beery^! Jr., Karen Austin - The Quest is an American action/adventure television series that aired on ABC from October to November 1982. The series stars Perry King, Noah Beery, Jr., Karen Austin, and Ray Vitte as ...more

The Trouble with Larry is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list Perry King TV Show/Series Credits
The Trouble with Larry Courteney Cox, Bronson Pinchot, Perry King - The Trouble with Larry is an American sitcom that aired from August 25, 1993 to September 8, 1993 on CBS. It starred Bronson Pinchot as Larry Burton, a man returning home to Syracuse after being ...more

Titans is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Perry King TV Show/Series Credits
Titans Yasmine Bleeth, John Barrowman, Victoria Principal - Titans is an American prime time soap opera that debuted on October 4, 2000 on NBC. Thirteen episodes were filmed, of which eleven were actually aired. Produced by Aaron Spelling, the series was ...more