15 Things To Know Before Becoming A Celebrity Personal Assistant

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Dreaming of being close to the stars? If you've ever thought becoming a celebrity assistant would be a glamorous affair, you may want to read these stories from people who have actually done the job. These personal assistant stories might have you second-guessing your dream.

Read on and vote up the secrets from personal assistants that would make you think twice about taking the job.

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    They Ate Boxed Mac And Cheese Off $40,000 Plates

    From Redditor u/allenahansen:

    Old Masters oil paintings, and modernist masterpieces - recognizable ones you studied in school - leaning up against the wall, stacked against each other. Also, the wife's $40,000-per-place setting china from which she ate her boxed mac and cheese.

    I should add that there were a dozen or more of these museum-quality paintings strewn carelessly about the nondescript den of their freaking beach house - with windows open to the sand and corrosive salt air.

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    The Assistant Wastes Hours Of Their Life Just Waiting From Them To show Up

    From Redditor u/DtheMoron:

    I work a lot of corporate meetings with high-up CEOs and VPs. The hours I've wasted waiting for them to show up for rehearsals is wild. I'm getting paid, but damn. Waiting six hours for someone to walk in, look at their PowerPoint for five minutes and walk out is so disrespectful.

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    They Expected Their Assistant To Follow An 80-Page Booklet Of Rules

    From Redditor u/B*tchAssist:

    The psycho who fired me had an 80-page booklet of instructions on how to eat, behave, live, avoid toxins, etc., that I had to help her follow. It included advice such as "avoid electromagnetic fields. This includes things such as microwaves, electric razors, televisions," and so on (I'm paraphrasing). It also advised her to try to walk barefoot on the earth for at least 10 minutes a day. Needless to say, she ate pretty much nothing.

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    They Constantly Demand Your Time And Micromanage You

    From Redditor u/the_nine:

    I have to say it's not so much any single task that is terrible, but the constant demand for your time and the micromanaging of anything you do because you obviously are going to get it all wrong. (Some) famous people think they are important and that they are famous because they have something that makes them better than everybody else (they don't), so they need to demonstrate this on a daily basis to convince themselves. They usually aren't intelligent enough to appreciate the nuanced complexity of the world and prefer to see life as something that's merely there to kiss their butt.

    These are people who for most of their lives have been told by complete strangers who don't know them that they are great and the undiscriminating among them start to believe it. Tom Hanks said it best: "Fame can be bad for the soul." Famous people are just as prone to living in a fantasy world as their fans.

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    They Made Their Assistant Sleep On The Floor And Hide Their Infidelity

    From Redditor u/ThisIsMildlyRelevant:

    I used to be the assistant of a celebrity photographer in NYC. Mostly hip-hop celebrities and New York nightlife. This guy was SO unfaithful to his wife, it was ridiculous. Once there was this model who needed portraits taken, but my boss started a relationship with her and his wife was suspicious. So he had me take the pictures instead. Except he drove me there with his wife but had to drop me off across town so his wife wouldn't know where I was going. Had to walk 20 blocks to get to the model's apartment. Also, if we worked until 3 am, which was common, I would have to sleep at his place, or else I would have to sit in Penn Station for hours until the first NJ transit train. He made me sleep on the floor, even though he had a couch... Everyone involved in the NYC upper class is a jerk.

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    He Smashed A Brand-New Phone Because It Didn't Have His Information

    From a former Redditor:

    I interned at a production company with highly known people. My boss made me go get a new Blackberry for him. Took four hours to go downtown because it HAD to be bought in downtown LA for whatever reason. When I brought it back, he opened the plastic, turned it on, and asked, "What the f*ck is this? Why aren't my numbers on it?"

    Well, it's brand-new, you haven't updated it yet...

    "This is useless, what the f*ck have you been doing for four hours?!?!"

    Well, I was...


    And he threw it on the ground. Literally. Just smashed it.

    "F*cking useless."

    I was flabbergasted.

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