17 Times Tumblr Wasn't Afraid To Get Brutally Honest

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From talking about the absolutely low bar for standards of living that people can't quite seem to meet to the insidious design behind internet and technology, here are some of the best times Tumblr users weren't afraid to get real

  • 1. Body Neutrality

    Body Neutrality
    Photo: u/Master1718 / Reddit
    19 votes
  • 2. Wholesome

    Photo: u/ibwitmypigeons / Reddit
    13 votes
  • 3. It's A Matter Of Principle

    It's A Matter Of Principle
    Photo: u/regian24 / Reddit
    13 votes
  • 4. Good Advice

    Good Advice
    Photo: u/regian24 / Reddit
    12 votes
  • 5. Respect

    Photo: u/b*tchyswiftie / Reddit
    21 votes
  • 6. The Truth About The Internet

    The Truth About The Internet
    Photo: u/robot_cook / Reddit
    17 votes