25 Tweets From The Last Month Where People Weren't Afraid To Get Brutally Honest

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Sometimes the truth hurts, but other times, the truth results in some pretty unforgettable tweets. Here are the funniest tweets from the last month that weren't afraid to get hilariously honest. 

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  • 1. Consider This A Warning

    Consider This A Warning
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    742 votes
  • 2. Someone's At The Door

    Someone's At The Door
    Photo: u/KarmaIsADick / Reddit
    948 votes
  • 3. Only One Family

    Only One Family
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    866 votes
  • 4. Please Do Hesitate

    Please Do Hesitate
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    807 votes
  • 5. Applying To A New Job

    Applying To A New Job
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    625 votes
  • 6. A Special Mother-Daughter Memory

    A Special Mother-Daughter Memory
    Photo: u/JuliaAthena578 / Reddit
    777 votes