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People Share Their Creepiest Personal Unsolved Mysteries

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Have you ever had an unexplainable chilling encounter or experience that still haunts you? Many people have had experiences that are just so bizarre that they are are still scratching their heads years later wondering what exactly happened. On Reddit, people are sharing creepy and unsettling life events that still remain an unsolved mystery to this day. 

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    Cloaked Figures Barged Into Home On Halloween

    From Reddit u/tangcameo:

    My family moved to a new town when I was eight or nine. Our first Halloween there, two people showed up at our door in dark hooded cloaks, hiding their faces. They handed my mom a card saying, "Guess who we are. You get three guesses" and they barged past my mom, walked across the living room and sat down on the couch.

    Mom was a little freaked that two grown adults would walk into our home uninvited but she played along. My mom guessed her coworker and his wife. The figures shook their heads. I guessed one of my dad's fellow teachers (who was always doing odd things) and his wife. They shook their heads again. I forget who the third guess was, but as soon as we said it, they stood up from the couch and drifted across the living room again and out the door.

    Freaked my mom so much she called my dad at work. No one ever admitted to being those two mysterious figures. It’s been 30+ years, my mom's gone now, and I still bring it up with people from that town but no one's stepped forward still to this day.

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    Man With A Backpack Stood By The Bed Just Staring

    From Reddit u/Unfair_Kitchen:

    In college, I woke up at 3 am with the feeling I was being watched. A man with a backpack was standing next to my bed... just standing there looking at me. I thought it could have been my friend, so I said his name. He didn't answer, grabbed the $10 bill on my nightstand, and ran out the door.

    I had just put the $10 there before bed, and whoever this person was walked by three other bedrooms and a kitchen full of my and my roommates' laptops and purses. This was over seven years ago, but it still haunts me not knowing who it was and wondering if they knew who I was and what they were really doing at my house.

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    Friend And Entire Family Have Gone Off The Grid

    From Reddit u/McSteazey

    One of my childhood best friends and his entire family just up and vanished when I was in my early 20s. He had fallen into a weird, culty, sales group that would travel the country selling knock-off perfumes to people on the street.

    Just before he vanished for good, he showed up at my house needing a place to stay, ordered a pizza (paid for by a hot check), and spent the evening rambling about how his organization was after him. He then proceeded to get into a fight with my roommate before taking off a few days later.

    Fast forward several years and he’s vanished. No Google results. No social media. Just gone. Dude was around for Facebook and Myspace, so it’s not like he was some tech Luddite. The really weird thing is that it’s not just him though, but his parents and sister as well. No trace of any of them ANYWHERE. It’s like the whole family went underground...

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    Phone Call Was Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

    From Reddit u/heyitsbryanm:

    Five years ago, I called my ex-girlfriend, but instead of her answering... a male recorded voice answered the line. I still remember the words clearly:

    "Mark the words guilt, murder, violence." Then it buzzed out.

    I called my ex again and she said she never got my call, but I checked the number and it was definitely her. I even looked it up online, and I wasn't alone, but I never found out what it was. Thought I was going to drop dead like a horror movie, but nothing happened. It gives me the chills every time I think about it.

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