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Jonathan H. Kantor
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When it comes to pop culture, you won't find a larger supply of interesting characters anywhere outside of anime. For those of us who spend our time investing in various fandoms, there are characters we love and appreciate more than others, and the anime character personality type we identify with the most says a lot about who we are as people.

It's not a hard science, but it's still possible to determine your personality type based on anime. Some of the best anime series ever made feature characters who run the gamut from narcissistic and indifferent to altruistic and benevolent. Are you more like Saitama or Light Yagami? You may love both, but the one you identify with the most may indicate who you are as a person.

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If Light Yagami is your cup of tea, you likely believe in sacrifice and chaos for the greater good. You are drawn to power and leadership, and you're often convinced you know what's best and those who are against you simply cannot handle the truth of the matter. Like Light, you will always believe the ends justify the means. You also think that staying steps ahead of your competition proves that your understanding of a situation truly is superior.

But be careful: You never know when the very instrument of your benevolence will become your undoing.

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It should come as no surprise that if Goku is your hero, power is your vice. Although you crave power, you struggle with control - and the conflict between the two is an endless cycle. You don't surrender easily and are always up for a challenge. If there's no one to challenge, you will likely try to top yourself one way or another. Your search for power will open doors, but you will continue to face obstacles meant to teach you how to control yourself.

You likely also find it easy to make powerful friends who are generally impressed with you. Unfortunately, you are just as good at making enemies. Be wary, and always improve upon yourself, as you never know who or what might come to stand in your way. 

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Edward Elric's natural ability to excel has a tendency to make others appear pitiful in comparison. If Elric gets your gears going, you might find that you, too, can let your success get to your head at times. You are probably a bit sensitive about the way you look, but you always make up for this insecurity by triumphing over difficult tasks. 

Above all, you are loyal to your family and friends. You will never back down from a fight and will travel to the ends of the Earth for the sake of those you care about. Your loyalty and appreciation for the help of others means you will always have friends by your side.

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Like Naruto, one of your most pressing concerns is the safety and happiness of the people you care about. You will do whatever is necessary to protect your family and friends from outside dangers, which means you will never back down from a challenge.

You're talented and capable in just about every way possible, which isn't something you are shy about proving to the world. Whatever obstacle comes your way, you will make certain it's taken care of with flash and style. 

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