Graveyard Shift

Shortly After A Meteorite Landed In Peru, Residents Began Suffering From A Mysterious Illness  

Mick Jacobs

An object better left outside the atmosphere is a meteorite that impacted Peru in 2007. Though its impact was small in comparison to the damage a large asteroid might cause, this meteorite managed to wreak havoc upon local townspeople.

At least, people say it did. After the meteorite landed, many nearby townspeople reportedly came down with strange illnesses.

While no one can confirm the meteorite directly caused the outbreak, pop culture does offer many warnings when it comes to interacting with intergalactic debris. 

If movies like The ThingSlither, and The Blob taught humanity anything, it's that things crash landing on earth cannot be trusted. At best, they should be quarantined and kept from the general public so as to prevent any deaths or epidemics