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The Biggest Anime Perverts of All Time

Updated 20 Aug 2020 149.4k votes 19.6k voters 167.3k views86 items

The pervert character is a staple in anime that goes back many years, which who is the biggest pervert in all of anime? We're leaving the answer up to you, by letting you vote on this list of the the perviest anime characters of all time. They get nosebleeds, slaps in the face, hearts in their eyes, and that's all before noon. These anime perverts will stop at nothing to talk to a beautiful woman, no matter how many times they've been rejected or turned away. Sanji from One Piece even almost died once, simply because he refused to fight a woman (although Nami ended up kicking her butt). We included the most notorious tail-chasers we could think of, but if you think there's an anime pervert that should definitely be on the list, then we strongly encourage you to add him to the list. It doesn't even have to be a guy; if you can think of a perverted woman than feel free to add her too! 

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